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Happy Birthday, Capricorn girl!

by luxirare

Capricorn woman are often seen in business attires: highly adjusted suits, low heels, and classic accessories. The simple and classic style is the pillars of your wardrobe. But this doesn’t mean that you are frigid from a stylistic point of view or detached of what means femininity and modern.

In fact, you love wearing clothes to define and maintain your image – whether you are the active ambitious or pragmatic thinker. Capricorn woman are characterized by perseverance, responsibility, and commitment. Your friends and acquaintances are relying on your pro-active side of doing everything you are set out to do, knowing that you can help them with anything, anytime. This “half” of yours prefers dressing in professional tailor-made suits, clothing items separated by classic cuts, and escapens that never go out of fashion – generally expensive but discreet clothes. When your budget allows it, you prefer designer clothes or, in any case, clothes made out of high-quality materials. The other “half” just waits to get home, turn of the Blackberry, wear sating pajamas, and lay on the bed with a romantic book in hands.

All in all, for your style means functionality and not fashion. How can this clothing item help my image? Will this skirt help me sign a contract with X? Even when you dress up in a sweatsuit, you want to know whether it will give you the necessary comfort so you can relax. (If you ask me, I think you enjoy control way too much!) The accessories are your weak spot, transforming you in a sighing woman at the sight of the perfect accessory. You use these for maintaining your status. This is why you are willing to pay as much as needed – because you can make the difference between original or one-of-a-kind bag and jewelry and “copies”.

Analyze the style of Christy Turlington, Sienna Miller and Annie Lennox, if you want to see how the style of a Capricorn woman can hypnotise the ones that look at them long enough. Down deep inside of you, you are entirely aware that you could be sexier and more feminine, but prefer the “business” look that you use as a shield. Or maybe you use this so that the world cannot see the delicate diamond pendant you are wearing on your neck, which suggests vulnerability. Only you know.

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