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Happy Birthday, Aries girl!

by luxirare

Aries are born leaders – they are people with good levels of self-confidence, full of energy, and eager of adventures. They permanently need variety. In fashion, you like to be the first that ever wears a trend, and your full-of-confidence attitude allows you to try even the craziest trends – you don’t mind standing out in the crowd.

Most of the times you are your own stylist, which means that you create your own rules. You like lively, special, opulent, and profound colors – that is when you’re not dressed, from head to toes, in a mysterious black. Royal hues of red and purple are in the top of your choices, but you’re not afraid to try the juicy yellow and orange ones either – especially during warm months. And since spring is just around the corner, how about celebrating today with a speck of citric color?

You tend to hover toward a chic style, slightly masculine, with a simple and airy silhouette and very good cuts. You would be gorgeous in a black suit – with a blazer tight around your waist and a pair of slim and straight trousers, which follow the lines of your legs – with red accents and accessories that simply explode on your outfit’s black background. To keep this monochromatic attire from becoming boring, combine various textures: the lapels of your blazer should be made out of satin, your top should have black tinsels applied on it, and so on.

Although you have an eclectic style, be very careful – even the most inventive Aries women can go wrong when looking to combine antithetical stylistic ideas, so don’t go overboard with the accessories and take into account how all the elements of your attire harmonise.

Famous Aries: Reese Witherspoon (22.03), Sarah Jessica Parker (25.03), Fergie (27.03), Mariah Carey (27.03), Elle Macpherson (29.03), Celine Dion (30.03), Emma Thompson (15.04), Victoria Beckham (17.04), Kate Hudson (19.04).


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