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Happy Birthday, Aquarius girl!

by luxirare

Aquarius girl, you are a very inventive Air sign, searching for style in places where others don’t even bother looking: unknown stores, connoisseur’s boutiques, small tailor shops, maybe even second-hand shops. But this doesn’t mean that you will wear damaged and outdated clothes. You are actually after pieces that have a loud personality and feature unique details, clothes that have a history in their background. You will match them with colorful jewelry and accessories, with an artisanal necklace bought during an exotic vacation and a pair of stiletto boots, custom made in the workshop of a designer. You really don’t care what others think about your style: as long as you find it “cool”, you’re okay and feel good with it.

You like planning things and attires in advance. When other women think about what they should wear for New Year’s Eve, you already know where you can shop for your bathing suit for the coming summer and how it should look.

On the other hand, you will not feel too comfortable in clothes that are way too feminine: fluid dresses, floral prints, pastel colors. Your androgynous nature prefers well-defined cuts. Still, you can add romantic accents with the help of various fabrics, colors, and accessories, when the case.

You are full of creativity and independence, which is why you’re the sign that is characterised by an eclectic, unmistakable style. In many occasions, we – the more conformist ones – see these traits through the prism that you are the one that is willing to adopt the craziest trends (or if you don’t adopt, you create your own trends). If the world is not a stage for you, it is definitely a fashion podium!

Famous Aquariuses: Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Bobby Brown, Mischa Barton, Rihanna, Mena Suvari, Christina Ricci.

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