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What Happens to Your Brain When You Are in Love?

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You definitely have wondered about it before. How does love affect your brain? What makes people forget about their own shame? How happens that someone risks his or her ten or twenty years of marriage for something that seems to be a one night stand at first glance? In different ages people have been finding different explanations of love. Some called it a gift of God, others called it malediction.

But, thanks God, we are living in the age of science, and the scientist are able to throw some light on the mystery of love. This will unlikely help you to bear it, still you will understand what the hell is happening to you or to your partner. Also, if you have some feelings to a typical Russian girl, you will have to learn to deal with them in order not to screw everything up! So this article is extremely useful in any case.

Brain When In Love

You have often wondered, does something happen with our brain when we are in love in physical or chemical terms. The answer is yes. The MRI scans show that the frontal cortex, which is responsible for judgement, shuts down when we fall in love. The deactivation of judgement occurs when we are with someone we are in love with or with someone that we adore. Moreover, all the criticism and doubts may disappear even if we are just shown the photo of the one we love.

Scientists believe that the reason for brain behaving this way makes the reproduction more likely. Don’t forget that only the judgement concerning the partner is blocked, while you are able to make any other major decision in your life.

The scans also show that areas of brain that are responsible for fear and negative emotions are also blocked. That’s why we feel happy when we fall for someone.

Love Is A Drug

Oh, oh, can’t you see, love is a drug for me” sang Bryan Ferry. Actually not only for him, but for everybody else as well. Recent studies show that when we are in love, the brain start producing the chemical dopamine. The higher the level of this chemical the higher is the level we are in love. You wondered why are you feeling this stage mix of pleasure and pain, when you are in love or in the state of euphoria? Well, it’s all because of dopamine.

And if you wondered what kind of drug love is, the studies also have the answer. Love is cocaine, as it has the same effect on dopamine. When we take cocaine and when we are in love, the level of dopamine goes up, which results in reduction of serotonin, a chemical responsible for our appetite and changes of our mood.

Why Love Goes Out of Control?

Ever wondered why people who are madly in love with someone become stalkers? Well, good news that psychologists also wondered. The bad news, they still don’t know the answer why certain people become dangerously obsessed with their love interest and are eager to risk everything for love.

For stalkers, emotion of love works as a snowball, which is rolling down. Thus, love turns into a mental disorder. While, scientist may not know the answer why cases like this happen, except for that stalkers are mainly highly-emotional people, they know how to cure it. If they receive treatment where they are taught to think in a positive way, the successfully recover from their obsession.


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