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by luxirare

It seems every woman needs a handbag for every occasion. With so many options to choose from, it is easy to get carried away. Before you know it, purses are taking over your home, and you still have one or two go-to bags that you use all the time. Sometime paring down to a set number of handbags you love means you always have a bag for every occasion without being overrun.

Clean out your closet. It is time to get rid of the unnecessary. Here are seven bags every girl needs without anything extra.

A Luggage Set

If you travel at all, even just once a year, you need a good luggage set. Scrabbling for a good travel bag is never fun. Find a set of bags that will get you through those longer trips in comfort. Some ladies like something trendy, while others prefer a classic look. The most important thing is that it is functional.

A Weekend Bag

A duffel bag is a must-have. It is great for shorter trips and can double as a gym bag. There are all kinds of duffels in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You should have no problem finding one that suits your needs. Remember, this should be sized more for weekends than weeklong vacations.

A Work Bag

It can get frustrating trying to stuff your laptop into a variety of different bags. It never quite fits, and you always worry about it getting scratched or damaged. Invest in a decent work bag. This will vary depending on your situation. If you are the type that carries your computer with you everywhere you go, a backpack might be your best option. No matter the style you choose, it should have a padded compartment to protect your electronic devices.

A Clutch

A clutch always comes in clutch when you are having a classy night out on the town. It is a fashion staple of any wardrobe. Get something that will go with any dressier outfit. You want it to pop with every outfit you own. If you hate having your hands full, shop for something with a wrist loop. You might even find something that has a tuck-away shoulder strap. Christian Siriano bags come in a lot of different fun sizes.

A Spacious Tote

For the days spent away from home, you need a handbag that will carry it all. A nice tote is great for trips to the library, trips to the park, trips to the market, or trips around town. They are a go-to staple for many. A roomy tote can even second as a diaper bag for busy moms.

A Crossbody Bag

This bag should be fun. It is great for a day or weekend away from the office. If you are an avid reader, make sure it will fit your eReader or most books. It should be big enough for all of your simple staples (i.e. make-up bag, phone, and keys).

An Everyday Bag

This purse should be your main handbag. You want it to be a fairly neutral color, so it goes with all your outfits. For longer commutes, it might be work investing in a good-looking backpack. It should be able to carry your everyday essentials.

Eliminate some of your closet clutter to just seven essential bags. It makes life easier.

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