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Hair Care In The Summer Period

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To ensure that your curls retain their natural shine and look healthy in the summer period, you need to choose the basic care for the hot season. In summer, hair needs a special care. In fact, with regard to the effects of heat, it is chlorine and sand that make the hair sensitive. Hair needs to be protected, even if you dream of a blonde color naturally obtained under the sun. So, it is necessary to find the suitable products for moisturising your hair and giving it beautiful shine like special shampoo or gel for curly hair. Remember that you need to protect your hair before, during and after exposure to the sun.

How to choose the right shampoo for summer?

In this situation, first of all, you need to seek advice from your stylist. Only they can correctly choose the right shampoo, and no consultant in the store will help you. The specialist knows which shampoo suits your hair because they work with your hair, touch it and can assesses its condition. It is necessary to choose the right quality cosmetics, which works well.  If you go on vacation, you should know that the specialists do not recommend using shampoos that are offered in hotels, because as a rule they aren’t of the best quality. Therefore, it is necessary to take a bottle of your favorite shampoo and conditioner with you.

How to take care of colored hair in summer?

If you want your curly hair look healthy, you’d better choose ammonia-free hair dyes. With this hair dye your curls will be shiny and have smooth touch because it not only nourishes and moisturizes your hair, but also treats it.

The girls often have their hair dyed every 3 weeks. Then you need to use shampoo, conditioner and mask for colored hair for the first two weeks. After that the next two weeks you should use a restoring shampoo, conditioner and mask. The mask should be used once a week. A keratin hair restoration which appeared a few years ago, nowadays it’s procedure number one for everyone. It really restores hair, especially blond hair. By the way, this procedure can be done at home.

How to care for curly hair in the summer?

Curly hair is more porous than straight one. If you decide to have this hair dyed blonde, you should know that it can become dehydrated. The brown-haired women have less dry hair. Basic care for the curls is shampoo, conditioner and mask. However, contrary to the common opinion that one with curly hair should use the products which are labeled “for curly hair”, the professional hairdressers and stylists do not recommend using them in summer period. The thing is that the series of shampoos, conditioners and masks for curly hair make it drier so that curls look lush and have volume. During summer period your curly hair is already dry and lacks moisture, therefore, it is recommended using a restoring shampoo. Remember, curly hair requires special care and you need to choose special products to keep your curls look perfect. For example, frizzy hair control, gels for curly hair and special masks will protect your hair in summer period.

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