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Great Gifts for a Woman About Town

by luxirare
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It can be difficult to know what to get a friend, a loved one, or a partner, who is a notorious woman about town. Someone who dresses well, is fashion conscientious, and seems to have everything she could possible need already in her wardrobe. Getting people great gifts who have everything is so challenging, especially if they have a certain taste, or a very specific style. Although it might seem like a minefield, here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Old School Camera

If they are into fashion, chances are they are going to be all over social media and instagram. Showing their look to the world, and relating to other like minded people is no doubt something they love to do. Getting an old school camera, will give a their instagram game a whole new level. Recording and featuring in their own fashion shoot will be a fantastic past time for them. Whatever era of clothes inspires them, they can embrace it to the full with a retro looking photo of them and their friends. A polaroid will always go down well at a party too.

A Classic

You don’t need to propose to your loved one by giving them a ring (or maybe you want to, who knows!) but most woman about town will appreciate some good jewelry. If your local jewelry shop just isn’t special enough for them, why not search online for something vintage. Flea markets can be a great place to check out great buys, and you can find some really rare finds their too. If you want to get them something really special why not take a look at Jaubalet Paris if you think soe custom handmade jewelry from Paris will go down well. Which is, of course, is guaranteed to.

Quirky Accessories

Accessories are great gifts, because you don’t need to know the size of the person you’re giving it to. That means, unlike clothes, they are guaranteed to fit! Some quirky accessories can make any outfit too. This little charms can give some flare, and even some humour, to a boring day at work, or a pretty simple outfit. Getting a new phone case as gift will go down well, or how about a new purse or a new handbag? These have the added value of being super useful, as well as looking good, so it’s a win win all round.

Get them Something Good to Read

Every self established woman about town, is also a mart one. Getting a good read is also a great pass time, or can just be something to read on the tube. If your loved one is an aspiring fashionista, why not get them something like the history of the their favourite designer? Appreciating the origins of art leads to a better understanding of culture, and where our fashion comes from. Knowledge is, after all, priceless.

Buying great gifts for a loved one, who already has such specific taste can be difficult. Here are some great ideas though, to get the bowl rolling.

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