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Goals That You Should Set For The New Year Ahead #BestYearYet

by luxirare

This time of year is always going to be about goals and resolutions. There is no hiding from the feeling that a new year can give you. The motivation to make changes, the feeling of wiping the slate clean. Breaking old habits and making new ones. Even if you aren’t a resolutions sort of person you are bound to still make mental goals and plans in your mind for the year ahead. It may even be just a bucket list of some of the things you would like to experience.  

But often, they can be lost in translation. Sometimes we can set these goals and forget about them as quickly as they entered our minds. Other times we don’t add real depth to them when actually it could be a great thing that we do for ourselves. With that in mind, here are some of the goals that you set for yourself that will make great changes in your life. Enabling you to rock 2020 and make it the best year yet. 

Focusing on your mindset and thoughts

A great goal for the new year that will certainly impact your life in a different way would be to focus on your mindset and your thoughts. How you think can have a knock on effect on how you live your life. Negative thoughts can lead onto further negative thoughts, which can then make you think things are not going your way. However, having a positive outlook on life can help you to see all of the good things, and in turn feel happier and more content. There are a few things that you can do. You can focus on your thoughts and trying to actively be more positive, or start with feeling grateful for the things that you do have in your life. 

Make a dramatic life change

Sometimes we need a time in our lives where we make some big changes that impact them dramatically. It might be that you have gotten to a crossroads in your life, or maybe something has changed and you feel the need to challenge yourself. A prime example would be taking a huge leap of faith and working in another country. It could be that you want to experience a different country, work there, perhaps buy a place there and genuinely take on a new perspective. Whether that is a penthouse in a thriving city, or a country retreat somewhere exotic, you are bound to find that the change in space is going to be a challenge, but could also put you in a position where some positive changes are made. 

Changing your career

Another big change you can make for the year and have as a goal is to consider your career. What is it that you want to do? Do you want a complete career change? Do you want a promotion at work? It may be that you need to start looking at how you are going to make this happen. It might be that you need to show initiative in the workplace, take on more responsibility and prove that you are a worthy contender for a new promotion. Taking actionable steps can make this your reality. 

Living a healthier life

A lot of people have a healthier lifestyle as some sort of resolution in the new year. Often it can have much to do with weight loss or exercise, but making a commitment to have a healthier lifestyle can be a goal that doesn’t get forgotten about only a few weeks into January. It is more to do with a balanced diet rather than trying something extreme, making a commitment to be more active everyday instead of trying to run a marathon on the first day. Doing things slowly can help you to stick with it and make long term changes. 

Travel more often 

Finally, you may want to travel more, and so having that as a goal for the year could help you to be more active in terms of making plans. It might be that we have already mentioned about living abroad, but if that’s not your thing, then travelling could be the next best option to consider. Maybe start with a bucket list and work towards seeing different places, be that in the country you live in or abroad. It could be a great way to invest the money you earn, and also make some incredible memories for the year ahead. 

Let’s hope setting one or two of these goals helps you to change your life for the better this year. 

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