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Gift Idea For Someone Who Is Always In The Kitchen

by luxirare

Have a loved one who seems to spend all of their time in the kitchen? Maybe they’re a busy mother of several, or just look cooking up something new. No matter their reason for being there, here are a handful of gift ideas to suit every budget. Read on to find out what they are.

Update Their Equipment

Your friend or family might love being in the kitchen. It might be their happy place! If this is the case, see if there are ways you can make spending time there even more enjoyable.

The great thing about this gift idea is how it works for any budget. If you really want to splurge, think big. For a medium budget, how about a kettle that lights up. Or, if they love a cuppa in the morning, a kettle that can be switched on from an iPhone! As for lower budgets, the great thing about kitchen equipment is that the smaller items are quite affordable. You could get a measuring mug or a set of personalised wine glasses. See if you can find out if there is anything they are missing or have recently broken. Even a new set of tea towels in an attractive design will be appreciated and regularly used.

An alternative to buying them something is hiring a professional to do a keep clean of the kitchen. The more a kitchen is used, the more that dirt, grease and grime can build up. Not only is cleaning not all that fun, but also extra-strength chemicals are sometimes needed to clean things like the inside of an oven. You’ll be saving your gift receiver money on needing to buy those products. Plus, who wouldn’t love having somebody arrive at their home and do a big chunk of their cleaning for them!

Take them out for a meal

Even the most enthusiastic chefs love to be treated like this once in awhile. Be sure to give them plenty of notice on date and time ideas. That way they can schedule any work around it, and fully relax while they’re there. It also gives them time to get excited about it!

Consider the location carefully. If they’re super busy all the time, don’t make them travel far. That being said, they may have already been to all the good restaurants in their local area, so travelling a short way might be necessary. See if there are any places that have just opened recently, or been newly refurbished. Or, ask your mutual friends and family if your gift receiver has mentioned wanting to go anywhere specific.

Alternatively, if you’ve got more time on your hands, make an evening out of it. Take them somewhere you can get dinner and then enjoy an activity afterwards. Mix it up a bit. You could take them to a nice restaurant and then go for a walk along the promenade afterwards. Or, if your friend loves movies but hasn’t been for ages, follow dinner with a trip to the cinema. Upgrade to premium seats and buy them a big box of popcorn- if they’re not too stuffed from dinner, that is!

Also, be sure to consider the type of food the restaurant serves. Does your friend or family member have any allergies, dislikes or preferences? If they only like tuna, don’t take them to a fish restaurant! However, if you think they will appreciate it, you could think about taking them somewhere slightly out of their comfort zone. Do they always eat Chinese? Try them out with Thai food!

Make A Food Hamper

Keen cooks are often super keen to experiment. This might be with new flavours, new textures and entirely new foods. A great gift idea for kitchen enthusiasts is a hand-packed hamper that you have put together yourself.

Themed baskets are a great idea. They also mean that you can get the items from lots of different places, but they will still match. For health buffs, how about items great for a detox?  Or, if they love spicy foods, you could collect different spices, oils, pastes and sauces that each has a different kick to them. Another idea is to make them items they might have come across before. Garlic oil, or pink salt, for example. Items like this are great because they will get to use them often and in lots of different recipes. Finish the hamper with a box of chocolates and a nice bottle of wine and you’re set.

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