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Getting Through A Rough Patch In A Relationship

by luxirare

Every relationship has its rough patches. You may be out of the honeymoon phase and you could be discovering traits about one another that you don’t like. You could be in a long-term relationship facing the ‘7 year itch’. Maybe one of you has done or said something bad and the other is now trying to forgive them. Whatever the case, these actions may be able to help the two of you pull through.

Make time for just you two

Relationships can break down when a couple isn’t spending enough time together. Find time for just the two of you with no kids, friends, family members or tag-alongs to distract you. If one of you has been spending too much time at work, consider whether it’s worth booking some time off. You could realise what you’ve both been missing.

Talk it out

You both may have issues that you’re holding back from telling one another. These could be issues with money, family, intimacy or respect. Voicing your concerns could result in an argument, but it could be what is needed to finally move on from the rough patch if something has been irritating you. If you’re both giving each other the silent treatment, don’t keep waiting for them to break it so that you will ‘win’ – be the more mature person by breaking the silence.

Get intimate

Intimacy is important in a relationship for feeling connected. This could be as simple as kissing or touching. Consider whether you’ve been hovering around one another and whether intimacy is needed.

Recount old memories

Remembering the good times spent together will help you to rekindle your love by making you realise what you could throw away. You could look through photos together or even visit a place you once visited together.

Do something new together

Your relationship could be missing some variety. Doing something new together could allow you to discover new things about one another. This could include trying out a new activity or going to a place that neither of you have visited before.

Get advice from friends and family

A problem shared is a problem solved. Friends and family may be able to offer advice on dealing with whatever problem you’re facing. You could talk to multiple different people to get a general consensus of what people think.

Is it more than a rough patch?

Sometimes a rough patch can feel more serious. Actions such as desertion, abuse and adultery can be grounds for divorce. Alternatively, you may find that you’re constantly going through rough patches over small things or that you’ve been in a rough patch for years.

In these cases, it may not be time together that you need but time apart to work out what you want. By having this breathing space, you can get an idea of what life will be like living without them and whether it is what you need. Ending a relationship isn’t easy and you need to be certain that it’s the right decision. 


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