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Getting Fit: Fitness Routine Tips for Beginners

by luxirare
Fitness Routine

You’ve made the decision to start exercising. Whether it’s for medical reasons like diabetes or obesity or for personal reasons like to fit in that bathing suit or to lose the rest of that baby weight, exercise can prove very beneficial to our bodies, minds, and more importantly our lives. Exercise, when done correctly and frequently, can cure physical diseases like diabetes or heart disease as well as mental illnesses like depression or chronic stress. If it’s your first-time exercising, however, you may not know where to start. Here are some of the basics on how to get started with a fitness routine:

  • Go Get a Checkup

Before starting any new diet or exercise routine reach out to your doctor for a complete checkup. You want to make sure that you’re healthy enough to exercise and that doing so won’t cause you any harm. This is especially important for those with high blood pressure or diabetes.

  • Decide How You Want to Work Out

There are a ton of ways to get exercise daily. Some of those options include watching online workout videos from home, buying basic gym equipment and working out at home, going to a gym, hiring a personal trainer, and even fun activities like dancing, cycling, and playing basketball can be great ways to exercise daily. Choose which method seems ideal for you. As a first-timer, you might want to start slow by walking around the park and work your way up to a gym membership or dance class.

  • Buy Your Workout Gear

You shouldn’t try to exercise in your everyday clothes. You’re going to be sweating a lot and it can ruin your good clothes. There are affordable options for workout gear. Athleisure clothing, however, is trending and serves a dual purpose. You could buy some of the best active leggings in all different colors and patterns and wear them to the gym, around the house, or even on a grocery run. You should also invest in good running shoes with strong soles and arch support to protect your feet while you exercise.

  • Vary Your Fitness Routine

Whether you’ve decided to work out at the gym or at home varying your fitness routine is ideal for the best results. Aerobic or cardio exercises are workout routines that increase the heart rate allowing you to burn calories. This can include walking, running, bike riding, and swimming. Flexibility and stretch training are exercises that help to improve flexibility and increase the range of motion in the joints. Strength training is for building muscle and body mass. This can include pushups, weight lifting and more. Mix up your weekly fitness routine. Perhaps you can do some cardio three days per week, flexibility training one day per week, and strength training three days per week.

  • Always Warm Up First

Your body is going to go through a lot of stress during your fitness routine. Make sure that you take the time to warm up before just jumping into the workout. You can do some light walking to get the blood flowing and some stretches to heat up and stretch out the muscles.

  • Stay Hydrated

If it’s your first time working out, you may be unaware of exactly how dehydrated your body can become. You’ll want to invest in a good water bottle to keep at your side. You should drink lots of water before, during, and after a workout to prevent from overheating or worse becoming dehydrated.

Starting a fitness routine might seem a bit out of sorts at first. Especially if you’re not used to a lot of physical activity. Whether you decide to take a Zumba class, work out from the comfort of your home, or work with a personal trainer, the exercise you complete each day goes a long way to improving anything from diabetes to stress. Take your time and work your way up to a weekly routine, and lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself from time to time for a job well done.  

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