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How to Get That Modern Scandinavian Style

by luxirare
Scandinavian Style

When tasked with redesigning your home, you’ll want the ideal mix of form, function and beauty, and Scandinavian style designs will ensure you get all three – and then some. Here are some of the key features to look out for when choosing Scandinavian furniture.

Versatility of Scandi Furniture

As with the vast majority of Scandinavian style design, its beauty is that different styles can sit together perfectly. This versatility is owed to minimalism, simplicity of form and subtlety of colours, textures and materials.

This is the way furniture made in this style never goes out of fashion; signature pieces can be partnered together with something completely different. With the common style elements, you can create a room full of individual pieces that flow together perfectly.


Use of Wood

You may balk at the use of pine in furniture as it’s sometimes known for being used in cheap and style-less furniture, but the proud tradition of Scandinavian style furniture design transforms high quality pine into true works of art.

Pine, as well as other woods like ash are widely used and often take the form of steam-bent shapes, plywood, and chunky, angular or rounded shapes. Wood is often stained darker or with a more rich glossy tone.

Steam Bending:

Steam bent wood is perhaps the most recognisable construction style and is a really distinctive and highly sought-after style that has been in fashion in home furnishings since the mid-century period. You’ll see steam bent wood on chair bases and arms, as well as all over the furniture spectrum on tables, and storage units for example.

ATDesign-nordic-style-living-in-monochrome (1)

Structural Elements as Art

Geometry, grid designs, organic style simple shapes are heavily used to bring cohesion to the table. Designer pair, Charles and Ray Eames, had a method of making an architectural and aesthetic feature out of the structural elements of furniture, rather than hiding it away.

This can be seen in the Vitra range from Skandium.It’s a veritable emporium of great design that incorporates a huge range of Scandinavian design elements in one place, from utilitarian to playful, and everything in between. You can even pay homage to Scandi interior design with miniatures of classic furniture items like the iconic Wassily chair.

Scandinavian style furniture has a knack for making a room look put together with a cohesive flow and demonstrably good quality materials. If you’re redecorating and on the hunt for minimalism, durability, aesthetic beauty and good quality, Scandinavian furniture is the style for you.

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