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Furnishing A Stylish Studio Apartment: Our Expert Guide

by luxirare

Choosing to rent a studio can be beneficial for many reasons. It allows for all the independence of living on your own while being an affordable option compared to even a one-bedroomed flat. However, you need to think carefully about the space you do have. Here are some of our best tips for furnishing a stylish studio apartment.

Get Comfortable with Storage Hacks

You will most likely have some sort of storage within the main apartment, but it could not be as much as you want. With bulky things like luggage that you just can’t do without, you can often find your space filling up faster than you would have liked it to.

Therefore, it is important that you try to find as many storage hacks as you can. By refashioning items or hanging things on the backs of doors, you may be able to squeeze quite a bit more space into your room than you ever thought you would have.

Living in a studio apartment means that you are tight on space, so you need to be as organised as possible. You absolutely do not have to be a minimalist to live this way, you just need to be organised. Looking into self-storage facilities in London could help you keep important items nearby without them taking up that crucial space.

Find Multi-Purpose Furniture

As many items as possible should have a dual purpose within your home. For example, if you are comfortable with sleeping on a sofa bed, having one means that you can have a nice place to sleep at night and somewhere that is also comfy to sit that is not a bed. This could be a useful hack if you are really tight for space.

If you need a desk for work or study, try to find one that also converts into a dining table with little effort on your part. Then, you can have a great place to study while maintaining an entertainment space. Finding small changes like this will always make your life within your studio that little bit easier.

Choose Items That are Simple but Practical

With a finite space like a studio apartment, you can’t spend all your time looking at furniture that you know is not going to fit. Instead, you need to focus on finding key pieces that are not overly bulky.

There are so many things you could choose that simply would overly fill the room and would look bulky and cramped. You can’t have a load of comfy armchairs and pouffes. Depending on the size of the room you are working with, you may not even be able to get a coffee table. Instead, you need to make sure that you are choosing high-quality pieces that fit the space you have rather than the space you want. Decorating and furnishing an apartment can be difficult, but you can make clever choices to completely change the feel of a room.

Take the time to measure your apartment and think carefully about the furniture that you want in it. Though you may only have a small space to work with, there are many elegant pieces of furniture that you can fit in here. Take the time to find the pieces that you know will work, and your studio will slowly come together. Who knows, you could even be the envy of your friends who live in multi-bedroom apartments or houses! Furnishing a small space is a real skill, but it is one that can be learnt. 

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