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Fresh Inspirations To Improve Your Garden

by luxirare

Is your garden letting your home down? Even if you’re not an expert gardener, there’s no reason why you can’t create a stunning outside space to spend long lazy summers in. Whether your garden is a generous green space or a tiny backyard, all you need is a bit of fresh inspiration to make it shine.

Go for a modern minimalist style

This is a really good idea for small outdoor spaces, as you can create a standout design in a confined area. Courtyard gardens and backyards are perfect for going minimalist.

By laying a new patio using sleek modern materials such as polished concrete or smooth limestone slabs, you can create an unfussy contemporary design. Using neat evergreens that can be shaped, such as Boxwood trees, you can create a clean lined outdoor space.

Add in some modern minimalist garden furniture and you’ll have the ideal outdoor dining room.

Create an opulent oasis

Think back to all those times you’ve wished you were lying on a sun lounger under tropical palms.  Wouldn’t it be great to have that on your doorstep? Well, why not recreate that holiday feeling in your garden?

All you really need is a well-designed decked area for your sun loungers to sit, and of course some clever planting to make the space feel more exotic. Try planting Chusan Palms, Bamboo and Fatsia to create your lush green oasis.

You could finish it off with a gently trickling water feature and some well-placed garden uplighters.

Make a grand formal garden in miniature

Have you ever strolled through a formal garden at a stately home or palace and imagined it was yours?  You may not have that kind of space available to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t design your own formal garden.

The principle is to create a symmetrical space that uses a geometric pattern. Using a few tricks to keep everything in shape helps of course. Using uniform planters, garden edging stone or wood, and coloured gravel will create a formal pattern without the need for lots of gardening knowledge. And by using evergreen shrubs or dwarf trees that are easy to clip into neat shapes, you’ll have a formal garden fit for a king or queen, in no time at all.

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