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Being Fleek Means Being Shabby-Chic

by luxirare
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In terms of home decor, the shabby-chic look is most definitely in and, judging by the fact it has been kicking around for twenty-plus years, we’re inclined to say it is not going anywhere soon (unlike the gazillion other trends that come and go like Z-list celebrities). For those that don’t know what shabby-chic refers to, it is essentially the soft and dreamy style you would find in an old country house. It is embracing all things vintage and homely.

So, without further ado, here are our top decor tips on how you can achieve this shabby-country-vintage-chic look in your home.

Select Salvaged Furniture

Salvaged furniture is the beating heart of the shabby-chic look. It is that distressed look that appears worn in by little more than love. The great thing about going down the salvaged furniture route is how budget friendly it can be. A little look on Craigslist, Preloved or Facebook Marketplace tends to turn up timeworn beauties. Of course, your other option is to create this look yourself, by scrubbing some furniture so that paint comes off in places. Voila, you have the perfect shabby-chic kitchen table.

Rustic Storage Is The Best

The best storage ideas are the rustic ones. The kind that don’t hide things, but rather turn your odd bits into something chic and standout. It could be the kind of old-style bookcases you will find at https://www.bridgman.co.uk that brings a corner of your living room to life or you could start dotting wicker baskets around your house, chucking all sorts in them from kids toys to thick winter blankets and even firewood. No matter what you do with them, paint them or leave them natural, these will stand the test of time.

White Works Wonders

If you really want to celebrate the shabby-chic thing in your home then you need to adopt a predominantly white colour scheme, as these living room ideas at http://decoholic.org will attest. We’re talking pale wood flooring, faded linen sofas, sheer curtains, white chandeliers hanging from the centre of the ceilings, pretty white lamp shades and pale rugs to boot. The pale look – the worn out and faded look – is what will make your home feel so peaceful, classic and lived in, which is exactly what a home should be.

Oversized & Vintage

This is a look the high street has been trying to copy for years, but you just can’t. Buying a pair of ripped jeans is different to earning your stripes. That is why you should embrace the beauty that is a timeworn object. Having an oversized mirror that has a worn out frame – that banished look like it has spent the last sixty years in an attic – is a great example of this. It adds personality and character to a space. The same goes with the art you hang on the walls. So long as they are oversized and framed in something quaint, it doesn’t matter what artistic style you lean more toward.

Shabby-chic has been at the forefront of interior design for the last couple of decades, but it is never too late to jump into the world it offers.

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