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Five world’s greatest festivals to visit in 2017

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Most people usually associate travelling with visiting trivial tourist centers: monuments, parks, architectural masterpieces, museums, historical places. No doubt, this is an essential part of any journey. However, trying to see all possible showplaces we tend to miss a huge tourist and cultural events – festivals.

After attending one of this top’s festival, you will broaden your mind far more, than after visiting the average sight. Don’t forget to take your girlfriend from the Russian Brides Planet with you!

Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA)

Burning Man festivals doesn’t have one certain goal or a theme. It celebrates the humans’ freedom of self-expression, filled up with the atmosphere of friendship. The attendees, AKA ‘Burners’, are encouraged to participate in every event they like, and there is a huge variety of occupations: beginning with artwork and finishing with loud revelry. The common view of the Burning Man reminds some steam-punk movie; freaky and fantastic costumes are required.

The Burners organize their habitation, art installations and supplies on their own to follow another huge principle of the fest – self-reliance. There is also no place for commercial, as the founders‘ aim is to resist the consumption culture. Attendees are encouraged to respect the environment, share with each other, be initiative and cooperate with everyone. Want to partying 24/7? Black Rock Desert is waiting for you.

Glastonbury (Glastonbury, England)

The biggest music and art festival of the UK has been held since 1970.  It absorbed many hippy features because of the times it was founded. Although that era is gone, every June the spirit of eternal love pierce the area around Somerset County in England.

Glasto is definitely known for its huge and legendary music shows, including the first-class rock, pop, electronic, rap and reggae artists. Nevertheless, it hosts a variety of other arts: comedy, cabaret, dance, theatre and many more. Glastonbury unites more than 130 thousand attendees from all over the world.

Montreux Jazz Festival (Montreux, Switzerland)

Since 1967 the world’s second largest jazz festivals has been held on the shoreline of picturesque Lake Geneva. At first it took place in a casino and invited only exclusive jazz artists. Such legends as Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simon and Bill Evans were the highlights of the fest.

In the 1970’s the founders extended the boundaries. Today it covers up to five different venues, including parks, clubs and casinos in Montreux. It also broadened the range of genres: rock, blues, soul,  rhythm-and-blues and pop singers bring joy and delight to the connoisseurs of the greatest music.

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Dia de los Muertos (countries of South America)

Let’s speak about great local cultural events. If you are bored with the usual Halloween, go to Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras or Guatemala on the first and second of November. These days are sacred in the South America’s community: people pay tribute to the dead and believe they come back to visit their relatives. So, why is it worth seeing?

The living try their best to make the souls of the dead feel happy, so they hold huge carnivals with music and plays. People dress gloomy costumes, the clue elements of which are skulls. On Dia de los Muertos it is common to decorate graves with special flowers and fruits, build the altars. To think harder, this festival celebrates life, not death.

Mardi Gras (New Orleans, USA)

The day of hedonism is ironically celebrated before the Great catholic Feast. Its French name literally means “fat Tuesday”. The historical background of this festival is connected with saying “goodbye” to winter and meet spring. Centuries later the holiday transformed into a bright bacchanalia with choosing the king and the queen, dancing, eating and drinking beyond the humans possibilities and collecting beads by stripping.

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