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Five Fashionable Luxury Items for Men with Discerning Taste

by luxirare

Making a statement is all about subtleties. Many have delusions of grandeur and wish to display ostentatious status symbols to show their importance, influence and intellect. Yet the truly discerning understand that it’s not about being flashy, but about being refined.

A variety of luxury fashion items and accessories can make or break any man’s outfit or appearance. Choosing the right ones for the right occasions – or even more importantly, for the right man – is crucial in being tastefully well-appointed.

As such, let’s look at five fashionable luxury items for men who have a more discerning level of taste.

Rolex Watches

Arguably nothing fashion-wise stands the test of time better than fashion accessories that actually tell you the time. Rolex watches are a mainstay of luxury fashion, providing both a regal sense of style and a decent long-term value compared to most fashion accessories.

There are thousands of unique Rolex watches on the market in terms of new and certified variations. Those seeking to discover watches by Rolex won’t be disappointed with Chronext, which offers hundreds of different luxury watch options for the discerning consumer. Providing certified luxury watches to the public is their mission, which any man seeking this luxury item can appreciate.

Tom Ford Sunglasses

With summer fast approaching, making a subtle fashion statement with an accessory that also provides functionality is a win-win. Tom Ford sunglasses are one such example; providing a luxury level of quality in design and construction, these sunglasses come in dozens of unique styles.

Comparable in price to many lesser-known and lower-quality sunglasses, Tom Ford sunglasses offer luxury at a price point that isn’t cost-prohibitive to everybody. That doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily be the only one at the beach flaunting these stunning sunglasses, though. 

Ted Baker Wallets

Designer leather wallets are yet another excellent fashionable men’s accessory that provides both aesthetic charm and functionality. Ted Baker wallets in particular are made from premium leather, utilising slim design profiles and more traditional designs, depending on your exact tastes.

These wallets come in a variety of colours. Many may prefer the more reserved luxury appeal of a leather jacquard wallet in brown or black, while others may prefer flaunting their teal leather bifold wallet to make a statement. 

Gucci Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are all the rage among men’s luxury fashion trends today, so why not opt for a stylish Gucci messenger bag? Sporting intricate designs emblematic of Gucci’s charm, messenger bags can be found both in brilliant, loud designs as well as muted, neutral alternatives.

Small, medium and large messenger bags are available from Gucci, allowing men to choose a specific form factor that fits their everyday needs. Combining practical day-to-day needs with a luxury fashion statement, Gucci men’s messenger bags are an excellent choice for discerning men.

David Yurman Bracelets

Sleek. Sophisticated. Sensual. That’s how many describe David Yurman’s line of men’s bracelets. Available in a variety of forms (including chevron, cable cuff, box chain, and hex bead), these luxury bracelets use rose gold, silver, gold and mixed metals along with precious gems to create a luxuriously masculine fashion profile.

With more practical options as well as overt choices available, there’s an option for every man with discerning tastes. 

Balancing that luxury appeal with practicality is the hallmark of every man’s fashion sense. For those who are discerning about what they wear, these five luxury fashion items help combine a variety of needs and concerns for any modern man.

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