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Five Accessories to Recreate a Luxurious Spa at Home

by luxirare
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The hustle and bustle of modern life can be stressful for the mind, body and soul. A luxurious spa at home can certainly take the edge off, and allow you to recover and recuperate from the travails of life. However, visiting one on a regular basis is not something that is practical for most. But, with just the right number and combination of spa accessories, your home too can become a luxurious oasis in a  hectic urban jungle. To help you get a head start, we’ve compiled a list of five accessories that will transform your bathroom from mundane to exceptional.

  • Art and Décor

A little sophisticated décor can go a long way when it comes to making your bathroom feel like an at-home luxurious spa. Large, stylish paintings with wood or wood veneer frames can become the area’s point of focus. Light colours in particular can make you feel more relaxed or peaceful, but rich darker colours give a feeling of opulence and luxury.

  • Fluffy towels

You may find this surprising, but great towels can enhance your luxurious spa experience at home. Wrapping your wet body with a high quality, thick and fluffy towel can introduce you to new levels of comfort and pampering. Look for towels with a fabric weight of at least 600 GSM (grams per square meter) – although 800 GSM Egyptian cotton towels are the kind you will find at luxury spas. Turkish cotton will do the trick too if you can’t get your hands on the more absorbent Egyptian cotton.

  • Scented candles and soap

Scientists have long known the physiological and psychological effects of scent on humans. There is even a branch of science, called aromachology, which is dedicated towards studying the effects of aroma on us. In fact, a whole industry, aromatherapy, has sprung up to take advantage of the natural scents of plants, flowers and natural oils.

Multiple studies conducted over the years have also narrowed down the specific effects that certain scents will create. For instance, we now know that basil promotes alertness, while lavender can relieve headaches. It’s no surprise then that aromatherapy is used extensively in the spa industry. You too can experience similar beneficial effects by using scented candles and soap, or even essential oil burners.

  • Bath and Hot tub trays

This is arguably the most useful among the many bathroom and hot tub accessories out there. There are two types of trays you can get – the floating type, or the one which can be hung over the sides of your hot tub or bath. In either instance, the tray can be used to store soap, essential oil brands and scented candles. You can also use it to place your book or tablet for some home-spa entertainment. If you’re feeling super indulgent, the tray can also hold a big glass of wine.

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