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Where to Find Vintage Jewelry, Cars and More

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In the world of fashion, vintage looks are almost always in style. Given enough time, a trend will almost always resurge in some form. But this phenomenon isn’t reserved to fashion.

Vintage finds are popular across the board when it comes to lifestyle purchases. Cultivating an impressive vintage collection or scoring a rare collectible is all about knowing where to look. If you’re in the market for vintage items, here’s where to find them.

Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect accessory for finishing off your outfit, and vintage pieces have a way of adding intrigue. Many people wear heirlooms and vintage finds during special occasions or any time they want to make a bold statement.

In addition to raiding the jewelry boxes of older family members, there are a few other places where you can find authentic vintage gems. Estate sales are one option, but you have to do your homework to know how to spot costume jewelry from the real thing. Believe it or not, Etsy is another great resource for discovering vintage earrings, necklaces, pendants and more.

Modern-day jewelers like Diamonds Forever San Diego also specialize in creating vintage designs out of new materials. They take inspiration from past eras while using the latest construction techniques to make jewelry that’s sure to become a treasured item passed down for generations.

Vintage Sunglasses

Another vintage accessory that’s always in demand is a chic pair of sunglasses. A well-made pair of shades can stand the test of time, and certain styles are just as fashionable today as when they were first worn. Ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses are the perfect example.

Giant Vintage is one of the most prominent purveyors of vintage sunglasses from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. If they don’t have an authentic vintage pair you can also consider their reproduction sunglasses.

If only designer brands will do, you’ll want to check out Resurrection. The company has retail stores in Los Angeles and New York that are stocked with vintage clothing and accessories. They also offer items for sale online. Screaming Mimi’s is another well-known New York vintage store with sunglasses in old-school styles.

Vintage Shoes

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes can be an amazing experience. That is if they’re a trendy vintage pair. There are three places where you can find a good selection of vintage shoes:

  • ·  ModCloth
  • ·  Etsy
  • ·  eBay

A word of caution: buying used shoes online can be a bit of a risk. Make sure to see close-up pictures of the soles and shoe tips before purchasing.

Vintage Cars

If you want a ride that’s as classic as your fashion a vintage car is a must. To many people, vintage cars are like a piece of art. And if they were limited production they can be just as expensive as fine artwork from a famous artist.

A few places to buy vintage cars outside of eBay include:

Car Get-Togethers and Meetups – Vintage cars tend to attract groups that like to get together. It’s common to find car groups getting together on the weekends to swap stories and check out how others have restored their car. At the get-togethers, you’re also likely to see at least one or two vintage vehicles with a for sale sign. Even if no one is selling at the moment you can put feelers out among the group.

Online Forums – Car enthusiasts are very active on forums. They give people a way to interact with each other and share information. One of the most common topics of discussion is what vehicles are currently for sale. Find a few active forums for your make and model of choice then get involved to keep tabs on available cars.

Vintage Furniture

Another way to incorporate vintage style into everyday life is through your furniture. Vintage pieces from top designers are just as in demand today as they were decades ago.

Instead of buying online, which comes with insanely high shipping costs, start your search at local vintage furniture stores. You’ll be able to get a firsthand look and test the furniture out to make sure it’s functional. Craigslist can be another good resource for locating vintage furniture for a steal.

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