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Feel like a 50s Fashion Icon with a High Waisted Bikini

by luxirare
High Waisted Bikini

The fashion industry is an ever-changing world that is finally beginning to embrace the many curves of the female body. Plus-size women don’t always have the trendiest option when it comes to swimwear. This swim season, however, is different. Women of all sizes and shapes should take a look at the new high waisted bikini options available online. They are a perfect combination of modern with a splash of retro. They are very flattering and should be on your swimwear “to Wear” list this summer.

These high waisted bikinis won’t make you feel like you’re exposing your body to the world. They will make you feel like you’re a 50’s starlet like Marilyn Monroe. Bikinis from retailers like swimsuits forall are designed with the plus-size body in mind and they have high waisted bottoms that hit below or above the belly button. They are flattering and give the illusion of a flat stomach. With many variations of tops you can choose from, you can select a traditional string to full coverage and everything in between. There are so many ways you can style the flexible plus-size bikini, with the many colors and patterns they came in.

The bikini was introduced in 1946 and since then we have seen them take on many forms. Throughout the decades, we’ve seen them get smaller and smaller. Now, like a breath of fresh air to the plus-size fashion world, we are seeing them in a way women with real curves can wear them. The plus-size fashion world is getting trendier, with models like Tess Holiday and Ashley Graham paving the way for women with curves. They set a new standard in the way for everybody sees plus sizes and have helped the world to see that all women are beautiful, no matter their size. The fashion industry is giving women of all sizes what they deserve — beautifully trendy fashion that fits.

Oftentimes, though, it can be hard to find the right swimwear to suit you — especially at the mall or big box retailer. Summer only comes once a year, and that is when department stores sell swimwear that can often be dull or the same thing you wore last season in a different pattern or colour. So, why not try looking online? You can find different swimwear that is on trend every season of the year. You can usually find them at better prices as well, since there is less overhead and it’s easier to stock more items. There are many online companies that offer trendy swimwear all year long for all shapes and sizes. An online retailer such as swimsuitsforall makes it easy to find high waisted bikinis especially since they provide a gallery of plus-size models wearing the swimsuits so you’ll be better able to tell which designs will look best on you. No matter which swimwear you plan on choosing this summer to remember, don’t hide your curves, embrace them.


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