Luxirare Luxury & Rarity Combined Mon, 23 Nov 2020 16:10:13 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 9498958 How To Get Your Partner To Change Their Bad Habits Mon, 23 Nov 2020 16:10:13 +0000 No matter how hard we try, nobody’s perfect! We all have little bad habits that we’re not proud of. I’m sure all of you can name one or two things you do that you know you should stop. Likewise, you can definitely reel off a long list of bad habits your partner possesses! Taking care of your own bad habits is one thing, but how can you get your partner to stop theirs? Firstly, I’d question whether or not it bothers you that much. If there’s no harm done and you can live with it, there’s no point bringing it up. Let them have their bad habits and they’ll let you have yours. 

However, for those habits that you simply can’t live with, try these ideas to get them to stop:

Openly address the issue

The first step is to address the elephant in the room. Your partner might be unaware of their bad habit, so it’s good to let them know about it. If you’re lucky, they’ll exclaim in disbelief that they do such a thing. They’ll feel embarrassed and instantly work towards cutting it out. That’s the ideal situation, and it rarely happens. Still, it helps to talk about the bad habit and explain why it bothers you. This could wake your partner up and encourage them to make changes. 

Help them find alternatives

This is a smart idea in situations where a bad habit is hard for someone to quit. Smoking is the best example of this – your partner can’t just quit overnight. However, you can help them find alternatives to this bad habit. Think about getting them a SMOK vaping kit that they can use instead of smoking. It helps them kick the bad habit without suffering too much. This idea won’t work with every bad habit as some don’t have alternatives. My advice is to think about any possible alternatives and put them forward to show you’re willing to help. 

Strike a bargain

If all else fails, you can strike a bargain with your partner. My favourite idea is asking them to point out one of your bad habits. You can do this when you initially address their bad habit. Let them know that you’re fully aware you aren’t perfect. Ask if you do anything that really grinds their gears. If they come up with something, you can strike a bargain where you both agree to quit these bad habits. This way, both of you stand to gain something by quitting. It can also be a good challenge to have as a couple, and you’ll be surprised at how beneficial it will be for your relationship

At the end of the day, bad habits can be a thorn in your side for many years. It’s never a good idea to let things go if they genuinely annoy you. If you don’t care, that’s fair enough. But, you should speak to your partner and get them to cut out their bad habits if it really bothers you and harms the relationship.

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Go for spectacular road trips across different landscapes in Europe Thu, 19 Nov 2020 10:57:38 +0000 Going for a road trips across the scenic landscapes of Europe can be a perfect escape from your hectic monotonous life. Lush green fields, lofty mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls, winding roads are something that you can’t afford to miss. The beauty of variety of landscapes in Europe will spellbound you. It is ideal for the ones seeking to spend some time in the lap of nature. A road trip across these scenic places will allow you witness the beauty of country side, lonely cities, beautiful lakes or deep dense forests. Some of the popular road trips across Europe are as follows:

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is a high alpine mountain pass that winds through the Austrian Alps and weaves through the Austria’s impressive national park along the way. A beautiful sight to behold, this 48km stretch of land is surely a mesmerizing view to watch. The tranquil lake views, dramatic mountain peaks, flowering landscapes, striking Austrian architecture is something you will witness here. Ideal to travel during late spring or early summer, this road trip is not for the faint-hearted ones!

Trollstigen, Norway

Breathtaking mountain views, dramatic cascading waterfalls, tight hairpin bends, steep inclines and glimpses of twisting routes unfold before your eyes. Offering limitless opportunities of photography, the mountain road is studded with strikingly designed platforms that offers mesmerizing view. The stunning view of Stigfossen Waterfall, spectacular Norwegian fjords and winding roads attracts more than 2000 cars every summer.

The Transfagarasan, Romania

Considered to be one of the world’s best driving road, the Transfagarasan highway is a vast stretch that is packed with tunnels, viaducts, and bridges that takes hairpin bends to new heights. Best driven during summer or autumn, the 71 miles of this highway can be considered as the heaven on earth. Take time and witness the beauty of natural landscapes with your loved ones.

Route One, Iceland

A road trip across Europe is not complete without road trip across Route One in Iceland. From volcanoes, lava fields and geysers erupting boiling water to Blue Lagoon, cascading waterfalls- these stunning breathtaking views are something you can enjoy from your car seat. With plenty of stop offs and photography opportunities, this road trip is ideal during July or August.

These are some of the scenic road trips across the variety of landscapes in Europe. You can also go for a road trip from Spoleto to Norcia In Italy or travel along the North Coast 500 in Scotland. You can also go for a road trip in Ring of Kerry in Ireland that encircles the Ireland’s Iveragh peninsula. The short and incredibly sweet Military Road in Isle of Wight reveals a panoramic view of the south-west coast of Ireland  that is ideal for a road trip with your loved ones.

The most important thing you need to check is the condition of your car before you go for a road trip. Kwik Fit offers car servicing and checks the condition of batteries, tyres of your car. This would help you to prevent car breakdowns during your road trip. The organization does a thorough check of your car before you set for a road trip with your loved ones. If you’re in need of a new car for your road trip you could also save money by going used, check out this great range of Pentagon Vauxhall Cars and find the right ride for the journey.


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Must-Visit Los Angeles Music Attractions Tue, 17 Nov 2020 09:57:39 +0000 Los Angeles is known for its film studios, but a lot of people do not know that Los Angeles is home to a rich musical history and some of the best places a music lover could visit. It also has a wide selection of places you could visit to experience live music, Indie performers and more. Here are some of the best.

The Sunset Strip

Although it has lost some of its glamour, the Sunset Strip is well known for its rock ‘n’ roll history. The list of rock legends made on this strip is quite long. The Sunset Strip is located along Sunset Boulevard and is a must-visit destination for music lovers. 

In the 1960s, this strip was littered with exclusive nightclubs that later became venues and clubs. Famous musicians frequented this strip during that time and some of the famous musicians who played in its venues include Jimmy Page and Davide Bowie. The Roxy and Whiskey a Go-Go, two clubs that were frequented by famous musicians still stand today.

Although some of the more famous clubs, such as Rodney Birgenheimer’s English Disco, are all gone, music lovers can still go back and experience live music at The Troubadour or the Viper Room.

Amoeba Music

If you love music antiques, Amoeba Music is the one spot you have to visit when in Los Angeles. Amoeba Music is the largest records store in the world and its Hollywood store has two floors full of games, posters, arts, DVDs and more. What makes this destination a lot more interesting is that unscheduled live performances take place here, which is usually a welcome surprise for those in the store at the time.

Discover New Music

Los Angeles is full of bars and music venues where you can experience live bands. Although some of them might be closed right now, the Telegram Ballroom in Westlake, The Satellite in Silver Lake, Hi Hat in Highland Park and the Three clubs are all great places to see Indie bands play. They are also a great place for new artists to find inspiration for new music.

These bars and music venues provide a healthy source of inspiration for musicians who record at various local studios, including Pirate’s LA studio. This Los Angeles rehearsal studio is perfect for bands and solo artists who would like to record music that is firmly rooted in the Los Angeles music scene and history. Their affordable spaces can be booked anytime and they offer the latest recording and rehearsal equipment for both emerging and established artists.

The RockWalk

Everyone who visits Hollywood is encouraged to visit its walk of fame where countless musicians, actors and other honorable people have been celebrated. What a lot of people do not know is that there is a special section set aside for rock musicians. This section, the RockWalk can be found on Sunset Boulevard, just outside the Guitar Center. 

At this section, officially called the Guitar Center RockWalk, you will find the handprints of famous musicians and bands, including The Cure, Ozzy Osbourne, Nancy Wilson, Dick Dale and many others. 

The Grammy Museum

A Grammy Museum was opened in Los Angeles in 2008. This museum has works detailing how music is made as well as its history and a lot of exhibits for you to enjoy. This museum also has a section dedicated to the history of the Grammy Awards.

Although there are a lot of artifacts to see, there are also interactive exhibits that are meant to inspire people to learn about the recording process and different music genres. This museum also has different short-term exhibits that focus on individual artists, so check your itinerary to see which artists are being showcased when you plan to visit. 

The museum also houses the Clive Davis Theatre, a 200-seat theater where lectures and other music-related events are held.

The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood bowl is another must-see attraction for music lovers. This Los Angeles landmark and amphitheater contains a lot of history within it, which is laid out in a series of exhibits that you can enjoy at the free museum. Some of the famous acts who have performed here include Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Lady Gaga and many others. Top acts perform here regularly, so visit the Hollywood Bowl when you are in town.

Capitol Records

Capital Studios was started over 60 years ago, and in that time, it has hosted acts such as The Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Frank Sinatra, among others. Perhaps the most interesting fact about the Capitol Records building is that it is where the Academy Awards orchestra rehearses and records. In addition, this building has produced some of the biggest tracks and albums in modern history.

Although you might not be able to visit the studio’s interior, the building regularly opens its doors for special paid tours.

Los Angeles is full of music history, and this is why it is a famous destination for music lovers. There is a lot to see and experience, but don’t leave town without an antique to remember your visit to this iconic city.

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Luxury Decor Tips For 3 Rooms In Your Home Thu, 05 Nov 2020 22:23:23 +0000 Luxury is not only about creating a certain aesthetic; when your home is concerned, it’s more about creating a feeling.

Luxury embodies a sense of opulence, elegance, and sophistication, usually entailing great expense. But today, regardless of your financial circumstances, designing a home that appears luxurious is a lot more attainable, even on a tight budget.

It’s easy for individuals to think creating a luxurious abode entails buying the most expensive furniture and materials known to man. But merely putting together numerous luxurious items and colors in one room or home will amount to nothing more than mismatched chaos. 

 For a real luxury look and feel in your home, research, careful planning, trial, and error and time to reflect is needed to get the luxurious home you desire. 

Below, you can gain insight into what elements you could consider adding to either the bathroom, entertainment room, or master bedroom in your home. 

Cast your creative eye on each space in your home to decipher whether some of the ideas below may work for your abode.

Bathroom Suite

You’re not restricted to one set design when creating a bathroom. But for inspiration to help you along in the right direction, take a look at imagery of luxury spas online. 

You’ll notice common themes thread throughout each image are free-standing baths. And materials such as marble, granite, and stone deck the walls, floors, and furnishings. Although these materials are expensive, you can find cheaper alternative substitutes that still look the part in your bathroom. 

In terms of bathroom linens, mats, and curtains, they should never be discounted; their presence plays an ultimate role in exuding luxury in your spa-like bathroom. 

As such, rather than a thin shower curtain, you could use a thicker draped curtain that kisses the floor. Or purchase a plain glass door; it’s often inexpensive but merges well with most bathroom designs and is great for smaller bathrooms limited on space.

Moreover, don’t forget to invest in a matching bath, head, and hand towels. Ideally, towels that are thick and soft to touch, such as Egyptian cotton, is recommended. They will not only look fluffy and expensive, but they will feel luxurious too. 

Flooring should be hard flooring for aesthetic and hygiene purposes. Cleanliness is a staple necessity in luxury interior design. 

You’ll have numerous flooring options to choose from. For example, you may want exposed wooden flooring for rustic or classic luxury. Or high polished porcelain tiles for a modern luxury image.

Entertainment Room

After a stressful day at work, the go-to place for you to indulge in your favorite pastime and unwind is your soon-to-be luxurious entertainment room. 

Part of deciding its most suitable luxe design. Is by first selecting a genre or more of entertainment you are hoping to include in the area. Here are a few entertainment setups that may appeal to you;

  • Snooker table
  • Home cinema
  • Arcade
  • Minibar
  • Mini-golf
  • Gaming systems

Once you’ve thought about what you would like to spend time doing in the entertainment room, be it watching the Seahawks vs Patriots game in the home cinema. Or challenging your family to a weekly game night of snooker. You can begin to think about the interior.

The entertainment room is a place to relax, and so emulate this feeling with lots of soft furnishings and textures. Such as thick carpet, or hard flooring, draped in oversized rugs, accompanied by extra-wide and deep corner or U sofas.

The choice of lighting will depend on the activities you choose to have in the room. For example, snooker tables and minibars always look elegant and authentic, with matching pendant lamps hovering above. Plus, opt for warm white as opposed to bright white. Warm white is much more relaxing and fitting for your luxury games room. Bright white can appear quite clinical.

You needn’t limit lighting to one ceiling light or lamp, either. Creating multiple light points enables you to change the ambiance of a room with ease.

Moreover, consider adding a focal point to the space. Such as a built-in fireplace with real flames. Or, depending on the area you have, you could install a fire at the center of your seating arrangement. 

Additional decor elements to consider are glass cabinets built into the walls with spotlights, highlighting any accomplishments, memorabilia, and books you adore. If you like drinking, you could fill decanters and present these on the shelves also.

Master Bedroom

To make your master bedroom as opulent as it can be, here are a few tips to think about combining in the room.

Plush bedding, such as overfilled pillows, and a flurry of plush cushions to decorate the bed. And a sizeable thick duvet cover will make the bed look like an expensive, luxury haven for you to dive onto.  

It’s essential not to add busy, intense, distracting wall displays. And instead, opt for simplicity and elegance. For example, instead of painting all of the walls one color, perhaps select a feature wall, and paint it in warm, soothing hues such as greige. 

Warm, non-invasive tones are essential to create a luxurious and open bedroom space. That won’t sap the light from the room and look classy in both night and daylight. A popular alternative to painted walls right now is wall cladding.

Add a headboard to the bed, preferably one with contemporary fabric. Often people are quick to opt for velvet. However, linen effect is understated and works well in harmony with other materials, furnishings, and decor in the room- such as the art you’ll place above the bed. 

A room dressed in a neutral palette can bear a pop of color from a large abstract art piece. Large, detailed, effective art can bring an entire room together. By providing interest, and drawing the viewer’s attention upwards, giving the illusion the master bedrooms’ walls and ceilings are much higher than they are.

When designing and crafting luxury interior in your home, always remember that reflecting on any improvements you’ve made as you go along is imperative.

Taking time to absorb interior changes will enable you to understand what does and doesn’t work in a room. And what is and isn’t giving you those elegant, expensive vibes you should be feeling when creating a luxury dwelling. 

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How Should Men Wear Jewelry Which Complements their Lifestyle? Tue, 03 Nov 2020 20:01:20 +0000 If anyone thought that jewelry was only for girls and not for men of power, then they only need to take a look at the history of kings and men of nobility from bygone eras. Very few of them were shy about showing off jewelry, as the rings, necklaces and even earrings often represented their royal/noble status. Of course, we do not have too many kings and noblemen around today, and covering yourself overwhelmingly in gold, silver and precious gems is only acceptable if you are a famous rapper!

That being said, there are men’s jewelry items, even today, that can be worn by anyone as long as the piece has been crafted with skill, is chosen carefully by the buyer, and worn to complement the right attire. Keeping sophistication, luxury and men’s fashion in mind, here’s a small introduction to how men can wear jewelry for accentuating and complementing their fashion and position.

Add Meaning to Your Silver Dog Tag Necklace

The silver dog tag necklace entered civilian fashion in the 1940s and has since evolved to be utilitarian and meaningful pieces of men’s jewelry over the following decades. The same personal and medical information on ID tags which aided wounded soldiers could also aid civilians in the same way today, if they are unfortunate enough to be in an accident or be injured due to some other reason.

Although the silver dog tag necklace is not tied exclusively to the armed forces or even just men anymore, civilians should be careful to make sure that their dog tag has the most relevant information on them regarding who they are, emergency contacts and preexisting medical conditions.

If you are a veteran or related to someone who was in the military, wearing a silver dog tag necklace becomes a bit more meaningful and deep as well. Browse silver dog tag necklaces on Stephen David Leonard and take your pick from their curated collection. Don’t forget to get them engraved with the essentials, and while you are at it, also go through the collection of men’s cuff bracelets on SDL. These sophisticated bracelets made exclusively for men are the next jewelry item on our list…

Men’s Cuff Bracelet

The idea behind the men’s cuff bracelet is to create a point of accent on your attire for the day, as well as to make sure that the style suits your own personality. A few tips for both choosing and wearing the male cuff bracelet can be highlighted as follows:

  • The business suit, navy blazers and formal clothing in general would benefit most from a luxurious, silver bracelet
  • Leather jackets, jeans and leather bracelets are a classic informal, rugged combination
  • Roped and beaded bracelets should only be reserved for younger generations with an ultra-casual fashion sense
  • Ensure that your metal bracelet doesn’t slide too much and fits well on your cuff


If there was one piece of men’s jewelry that was never considered to be feminine, then that would be the ring. From signet rings and wedding rings, to the rings of clergymen and kings; they have always held a sense of power about them on leading male figures.

Across different cultures, ages and different religions, various precious gemstones carried by the ring have also been considered to be of most importance. For example, diamond and opal rings are believed in western astrology to be the gems for those born in October, while in Indian astrology, enigmatic blue sapphires are considered to be the most powerful gemstones in the world. From a fashion standpoint however, your focus should be on two aspects while selecting your rings of power:

  • In what design the gold/silver/platinum is being fashioned
  • How the color of your chosen ring’s metal and gem is complementing your attire for the day

Also, it should be noted that men’s rings are usually a bit wider than that of women, which is how men’s rings immediately set themselves apart. This will also make your ring more expensive, but that’s par for the course here.

There is ample room to bend traditions today and set forth your own style language, but it should always be in harmony with your own personality, sense of dressing and/or professional persona. If you are new to men’s jewelry, take your time and choose something small but profound. Just like any other aspect of fashion in general, it will take some time for you to get used to pairing the right type of jewelry with the right occasion. In due time and after a fair bit of practice though, you will learn to make sure that each piece of jewelry you own can be used to perfectly reflect your confident and powerful sense of dressing. What will you choose to complement your outfit?

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How To Cultivate A Mindset Powered By Confidence & Drive Tue, 03 Nov 2020 11:13:00 +0000 A powerful mindset is a central ingredient in the recipe for a successful future. However, modern life is very good at knocking confidence and ambition out of people. IF you’ve fallen victim to this situation, now is the time to regain control.

When you make a conscious effort to cultivate a better mindset is the first step to improving your life. Focus on the following factors and you won’t go far wrong.

Look Good

You do not have to be vain to admit that looking good makes you feel good. Aside from the direct influence, your mindset will be indirectly changed by others. The fact is that people will react differently based on their looks. Friends, relatives, colleagues, and other acquaintances will all subconsciously judge you. So, overlooking your appearance is never an option.

We can’t all look like Beyonce or Jesy Nelson. However, you can incorporate more frequent workouts that can help you gain a better physique. Meanwhile, drinking more water and enjoying a better sleeping pattern can have a massive impact on your appearance. Cosmetic surgery is an option that thousands of people complete every month. Before making a commitment, you must weigh up the pros and cons.

On a side note, it is statistically shown that attractive people receive preferential treatment in work and leisure. 

Learn From Successful People

We all have different visions of what a successful life looks like. Regardless of the individual elements, there will be plenty of people that have achieved those targets. Following their stories to gain valuable tips and insights can subsequently work wonders for your mindset. It provides the motivation and direction needed to keep you on the right track at all times.

Advice and ambition isn’t only taught by people that have accomplished the goals you’ve set for yourself. The Fallon Sherrock story, for example, is hugely inspirational for everyone. You don’t have to be a darts fan to appreciate how she thrived in a male-dominated environment and overcome health issues to succeed. If she could stay strong in spite of the odds being stacked against her, you can too.

The great thing about educating yourself in an entertaining fashion is that it allows you to be productive even when you’re relaxing.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Positivity breeds positivity, and that concept should not be limited to taking tips from people that have been there and done it. In truth, the company that you choose to surround yourself with is an equally vital issue. When your friends and colleagues are passionate, ambitious people, it will inspire you to be the same. Moreover, you will build each other up on your respective journeys.

In some cases, your journeys will be connected. Even when they’re not, the mutual support is telling for building a stronger mindset. Conversely, when you allow negative people to keep planting the seed of self-doubt or make excuses to give up, it will distract you. Only you can regain control of the situation through accountability. This may include cutting out the individuals that continually hold you back.

When you are able focus solely on the positive people in your life, there is no doubt that it will drive you on to better things.

Stay Organisation

Good organisational skills benefit your life in many ways, but your mindset and mental health are among the best. Ultimately, a good sense of organisation provides guidance in all aspects of your world. It additionally puts you in control of the situations. The knowledge that you are moving in the right direction is sure to inspire a more positive mindset too.

The concept of cultivating good organisation can cover many elements. Popular examples include using defined goals, gaining a tighter grip on your finances, and managing your schedule. The direct benefits that each of those issues brings are clear. But hitting your targets will also reinforce the idea that you are capable of making things happen.

Crucially, good organisational skills will significantly reduce your stress levels. This will impact mental and physical wellbeing.

Enjoy Progress

It’s admirable that you want to be a better person and achieve more. Nonetheless, it should not be forgotten that life is meant to be enjoyed. You need a chance to reflect on progress in your career, relationships, skill development, and homeownership. If you don’t, the enthusiasm will start to fade very quickly after a few months.

When you have accomplished your next goal in your career, take a vacation. When you have finally hit your goal weight or dropped a shirt size, treat yourself to new clothes. The power of using reward systems for continued motivation will transform your future. Without the right balance, you will eventually run yourself into a brick wall.

Sure, enjoying the journey is pivotal. Still, the time spent celebrating in style is what makes it all feel worthwhile.

Reinforce Positive Attitudes

A positive mental attitude comes from within. So, if you are not a naturally confident person, it’s vital that you take every available opportunity to reinforce good thoughts. If you keep reminding yourself of the reasons to take a brighter outlook, your mindset will subconsciously improve. You can’t fake self-confidence, but you can certainly teach yourself to gain it.

Keeping a record of all accomplishments made on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is ideal. While you don’t want to get distracted by admiring those positives, it’s far better than dwelling on the negatives. As well as making significant progress in the day, Marisa Peer hypnotherapy tapes and courses can work wonders while you sleep. Perfect.

We all have positives and negatives going on in our lives. While you can’t ignore the latter, focusing on the former will serve you well.

Find Your Motivation

When it comes to becoming a more driven person, motivation is the key. It can be an intrinsic (internal) or extrinsic (external) source of motivation. Either way, you must find your true reason to stay on task. After all, you will find it a lot easier to keep driving on during difficult times if you actually want the results that are promised. Doing things for the sake of it won’t work.

The extrinsic motivation is essentially about using the carrot and the stick. Intrinsic focuses more on the direct improvements to your quality of life. Of course, this can extend to ideas like upgrading your son or daughter’s life. Sometimes, helping others is the best way to help yourself. If that’s what will keep you going for the long haul, utilise it as best you can.

Besides, motivation will help you stay engaged with those challenges, which can also boost your confidence in the process.

Challenge Yourself

Human nature dictates that we want to grow as people. Facing your fears is one of the best ways to do this. This lets you prove that you are capable of overcoming those scary moments. As an upshot, it will inspire you to face future tasks with heightened positivity. Better still, you’ll gain experiences and new skills.

Perhaps the biggest reason for fear and self-conscious feelings is the fear of rejection. The 100-day rejection challenge is one aimed at desensitising you to hearing the word no. When you are no longer scared of rejection, you can attack future assignments on the front foot. Rejection won’t suddenly end your journey you’ll just need to find a new route.

Learning to get up and dust yourself off makes you almost bulletproof. For the sake of long-term drive and confidence, it’s one of the best outcomes of all.

Focus On You

It is very useful to take inspiration from others and surround yourself with positive people. Still, you must remember that we are all on our own journeys. It doesn’t matter if your progress is a little slower than someone else’s or if the destination is slightly different. Stop comparing yourself to others, and you will soon see a big improvement in your mindset.

The truth is that when looking at other people, you will fall into the trap of thinking the grass is greener on the other side. In truth, you won’t see the struggles that other people have had, especially if you are looking at social media posts. Irrespective of that, the more time you spend focusing on your journey and how to reach your goals, the better your chances will become.

It’s OK to be a little self-centred, especially if it unlocks a better future for yourself. Not least if it enables you to become more confident.

The Final Word

A winning mindset that is underpinned by a genuine sense of ambition and self-assurance will make you a better person. In turn, this will help you unlock a better future too. 


While no two people are the same, human nature dictates that each of the above ideas can inspire change. It may take a big effort in those early moments, but new habits will be formed within a matter of weeks. Furthermore, you can start to see the benefits within weeks too. Just remember: you’ve got this!

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The Surprising Benefits of Adult Jigsaw Puzzles Fri, 30 Oct 2020 15:14:10 +0000 Are you getting bored or you have a bit too much spare time in your hands? Or perhaps you’re stressed and would like a pleasant activity to relax you. According to the latest trends, jigsaw puzzles are enjoying a significant comeback. This may be due to the fact that people are looking for enjoyable ways to spend time at home or something that could provide relief from stress and tensions. The best part about jigsaw puzzles is that they are affordable. Also, in the end, you’ll get to enjoy artwork done by your hands. So, having said all these, here are several rather surprising benefits of jigsaw puzzles for adults.

  • They will exercise both of your brain’s hemispheres

It is known that the human brain has two hemispheres, each with its role and purpose. So, if the right hemisphere is the intuitive and creative half, the left hemisphere is the logical one. When enjoying a jigsaw puzzle, you manage to activate both of the hemispheres at once. And this is not a mere assumption, but a finding of one of the world’s most important companies in neurotransmitter testing. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy a 500 pieces puzzle or a 1000 pieces puzzles, as both have the same effects on your brain. 

  • They will provide relief from stress 

The illness of the century is, without a doubt, stress. So, any method that can help us reduce the impact of stress of our mental and physical health is welcome. It is believed that doing jigsaw puzzles provides effects similar to a meditation session. Because you focus your attention on a single image, investing attention into what you’re doing and not allowing thoughts to run free through your mind, the effects of this process are pretty much the same with meditation. In the end, you will find relief from stress and you’ll feel more relaxed. 

  • It is a great activity for the entire family or when you need some time alone

Jigsaw puzzles can strengthen the bonds between spouses, siblings, and family members. This is why you should not hesitate enjoying this kind of activity with the people you love. The weather is getting colder, which means that you’ll need something fun and pleasant to do together inside the house. You can even opt for custom puzzles, made to fit an image of your choice, which will be even more appreciated by family members.

However, doing jigsaw puzzles can offer precious time alone as well. If you feel the need to sit quietly on your own, while unwinding and relaxing, this kind of activity can provide what you’re seeking. It can be very pleasant to stay away from technology and gadgets for a little while, finding the peace and calmness you need to recharge your batteries.

  • They could even make you live longer

While this may seem like a daring statement, some studies say that jigsaw puzzles may have the power to help people live longer and healthier lives. Because it exercises the brain, the chances to develop illnesses like Alzheimer’s or dementia at an older age drop significantly. Believe it or not, a scientific magazine noticed that the brains of 75-year-old people, who did puzzles regularly, are very similar to the brain of 25-year-old people. So, this is a strong-enough reason to start doing puzzles right away. 

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Review – The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum | Penhaligon’s Fri, 30 Oct 2020 15:00:00 +0000 Penhaligon’s launched The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum, this perfume is nothing but a tragedy. Lord George is impersonated as being a wealthy man, an imposing and self-confident male figure, with manly hobbies, of course.
He can picture him looking staggering both in a classic suit and in his hunting outfit. Yes, Lord George is a traditional man in some ways, also having that irresistible allure of men that are not marked by the passing of time. Regardless of his age, he will still remain charming, balanced, and attractive, being the man you can rely on at any moment of the day and night.

So, is it really a tragedy to be a successful and attractive man? Well, it can be, but not for you as much as it is for others. The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum is for those men that are well anchored in the present, while also respecting traditional values. It has a beautiful woody core, which reminds us of the old-fashion lords, who live in large mansions and have flawless manners.
Still, it is not a rigid perfume that imposes a strict etiquette. It is a warm perfume, perfect for cold days, due to its balsamic sweet notes. Thus, the lord in our story is a gentle and warm man, a calm spirit you love being around. It is a man that knows what he wants and will get it as well, but without being harsh on his actions. The man that will appreciate such a perfume will also know to appreciate the fine things in life, like a great suit and an old wine.

But, don’t worry, because the man that will wear The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum won’t be afraid to get his hands dirty either. He will do whatever a man needs to do without hesitation. He will provide fire woods and will repair anything that needs to be fixed, if he has to, swapping the nice suit with a work coverall. It is true that this may sound like the ideal man, but this is what The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum will inspire. It is elegant and refined, but the woody notes will also show a seamless side, of a man that will know what to do in order to survive in any conditions.
To sum it up, this is an impressive perfume that can stir very many feelings in a very short period. It will complete a man and will attract a woman that looks to find a mature man, a man that is done fooling around and means serious business. After all, a Lord has no time to waste, because life is happening as we speak and we risk wasting it.

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How to Decorate Walls with Tapestries Wed, 28 Oct 2020 18:59:01 +0000 Do you have several empty walls in your home or office, which you would like to cover in an artistic manner? Well, in case you want something else than the traditional painting hung on a wall, you should direct your attention toward tapestries. There are numerous tapestries for your wall to choose from and you’ll be surprised to find out just how versatile tapestries are. In the following lines, you will discover numerous ways in which you can use tapestries to get a beautiful accent wall and make good use of dull, bare walls.

  • Use nails to obtain a rustic touch

Tapestries can be easily fixed on a wall with the help of nails or, if you prefer, pushpins. However, bear in mind that this method is more suitable for large pieces because smaller ones can suffer unwanted and unaesthetic holes. Even by using this single method, you can obtain two different looks. In case you prefer having your tapestry draped, hang its corners only. This will make the middle section fold easily. Or, if you want the tapestry straight, use nails or pushpins on the entire upper edge, from one corner to the other.

  • Use a wooden frame for a more artistic feeling

You can easily turn a tapestry into a work of art if you choose to stretch it over a wooden frame. This can be a suitable option for custom tapestries because you will make them pop. Just make sure the frame is large enough for the tapestry. You will need the tapestry to go well over the edges of the frame, fixing it to the frame with a staple gun.

  • Did you ever think about Velcro?

Would you like tapestries on the walls, but you’re not sure if it’s going to be a long-term setup? People living in rented places often avoid decorating the walls of the property. Well, with the help of Velcro, you can conveniently decorate an empty wall, without making it permanent and without the risk of damages. As a tip, this method works great on curved walls, on which you can’t use any kind of decorative item. Just make sure to choose self-adhesive Velcro, for an effort-free fixing.

  • Use a rod with your tapestry

You can use any kind of rod you like to hang tapestries, as long as the rod is long enough. You can even choose the kind of rods used for hanging curtains if you find a model you like. This solution can create a fantasy headboard for your bed or it can be turned into a nice artistic touch behind the sofa.

  • Create a dream-like canopy

The ceiling is, in most cases, the most disregarded part of a house. It remains bare and unused due to obvious reasons. However, there are ways to use the ceiling in a way that will add more style to the room. For instance, you can choose to hang a tapestry on the ceiling, which will create a beautiful canopy, and all of this without having to modify the architecture of your bed. With the help of nails, you can give it the desired shape. But, for this kind of project, you could use larger tapestries, capable of covering a good part of the ceiling and wall.

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Restaurant Review – Côte Brasserie London Tue, 27 Oct 2020 06:42:20 +0000 What makes good food taste great? Great service. Côte Brasserie has both. We, without a booking, were squeezed in for a birthday meal. Treated so warmly and got our food in more than enough time to enjoy it. Their two and three course menus are a bargain.

This restaurant exemplifies the French style and grace that is looking to portray. Being part of a chain, the decor of Côte Brasserie is in line with the other branches, but it is modern, sleek and fairly roomy inside. The smaller tables for two can be a bit too close together, but the larger booth like tables for 4 provide more privacy.

The service is exceptional with patient and courteous staff that is there to support your dining experience. The front of house greets guest warmly and is always surveying the restaurant to ensure everyone is happy.

The food is of good quality, in particular, the ribeye steak is exceptional. The portions are on the small side. However, when combined as a full meal is sufficient to meet your hunger. The a la carte menu provides a good choice of lighter and more substantial Bistro style meals. It does try to represent the regional French food via a few quirky dishes like Pissaladière and duck with cherry sauce.

We had calamari to start which was cooked perfectly. I had the ribeye steak with fries, my fiancee had the duck confit.  We also had apple tarts for desert. Everything was so tasty and the staff were excellent with us.

The selection of wine covers a number of regions of France and provides a good variety. There are various specials and offers to help support most budgets.

We had a lovely meal here, and were impressed by the food quality and the speed of service.  I am looking forward to going back sometime in the near future. I would wholeheartedly recommend it anyone who is looking for a nice dinner out.

Address: Côte Brasserie 9-10 The Green, Ealing, London W5 5DA

Côte Brasserie EalingCôte Brasserie EalingCôte Brasserie Ealing Côte Brasserie Ealing

Côte Brasserie Ealing Côte Brasserie Ealing


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