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Why is a fashionable uniform important?

by luxirare
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From helping to stand out to customers and feeling confident at work, to matching the look and feel that your employer wants to get across the right uniform is important. Normally your uniform is defined or even supplied by your workplace. Suppliers of staff uniforms and workwear such as Simon Jersey can provide a range of options for creating the right look for work. But what’s the benefit of having a more fashionable uniform for work?

Look professional

Your workplace might need to you present a specific image to the public. For example, you might work in a shop on the high street that sells clothes. To help emphasise the quality of their products, they might ask that staff wear a uniform comprised of pieces from their most recent collection.

This often helps to create a professional, seasonal look that helps staff in a business look on trend, and on brand at all times. Which is a great way for customers to see the clothes you sell being worn and not just on the hanger. It also presents you and your colleagues as people who customers can turn to for advice on the right clothes to buy due to the fashionable uniform you’re wearing.


A great looking uniform can do wonders for confidence. From helping to be more self-assured at work, to feeling more approachable and able to deal with questions from the public, to being able to feel confident enough to stand in front of people and deliver a presentation.

This isn’t to say that confidence comes down purely to the clothes you’re wearing, far from it. But if you know that what you’re wearing looks good, and you feel good in it, while also being the best possible representative for your business as a result, it can make you feel even better than you normally would.

Being confident can help you to sell more, speak more assuredly and deliver on your potential more effectively. If a fashionable uniform, that suits you and helps you feel like you can do this more often and more effectively then stick with it.


Opting for a uniform that is more on trend and fashionable can help you feel more comfortable at work. Not just because you’re wearing something you’re much happier being seen out in public in, but also because the materials are often softer, more flexible and designed to be comfortable.

In industries where you’re on your feet for long periods, such as hospitality, retail or the beauty industry this can be really helpful. If your clothes make you feel uncomfortable a shift can really start to drag, whereas if you’re comfy at work and able to just focus on the task at hand, time can fly by.

A fashionable uniform doesn’t just benefit you as a member of staff though, what about your employer? Why would they choose for you to have a uniform that’s more current and trendy than a more traditional uniform?

Helps their business appeal to the right people

Your uniform can help your employer to appeal almost directly to their target customers.

They might choose to go for a more fashionable uniform to make their staff stand out against their competitors. For example, going for something more on trend that the more traditional black trousers and polo shirt that lots of businesses go for.

If their staff are dressed in way that looks more fashionable than their competition it creates a really simple point of distinction between them and the competition. One that can appeal to their target audience and emphasise a sense of higher quality.

Reinforces their brand

Creating the right look for staff can help align the way a brand appears to customers.

For example, if a company wants to come across as a business that is relaxed and laid back you might find they opt for a more informal or relaxed look to your uniform. This could be anything from jeans and a shirt to giving you free reign to wear whatever clothes you like.

As we’ve already mentioned it might be more beneficial for you to be dressed in the latest fashions, especially in a workplace that relies on the latest trends.

A fashionable uniform is something that will evolve and change over time, you might find that your uniform changes more frequently, but the upside to this is you can avoid feeling like you’re wearing the same thing every time you go to work.

Getting a uniform right is a massive benefit to a business, not just in how it is seen by the public and how they present themselves, but it also goes a long way to making sure staff are in the right mind-set, confident, comfortable and ready to perform at their absolute best.

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