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Fashionable Trends in Luxury Travel for 2020

by luxirare

January has always been one of the top months to start looking at holidays, with the number of bookings being made booming at the end of the Christmas period. If trends tend to influence how you travel, you may be starting to look at the top fashions in travel to inspire your trip. Whether you want to visit an up-and-coming destination or choose a trendy way to travel, here are some of the top travel trends for luxury vacations that you may be influenced by in the new year.

Where are the top luxury destinations? 

Brazil: Luxury travel has recently started to see an increase in interest in Brazil, with a number of tour companies starting to offer trips to the South American nation. Although there are many luxurious hotels in the capital of Rio De Janeiro, the most sought-after luxury experience in the country is its wildlife trips, with many holiday goers choosing to sail down to the Amazon.

Antarctica: Due to rising concerns about climate change and the likelihood of this continent becoming unrecognizable in future years, there has been an influx of interested travelers visiting Antarctica. While expensive, there are many luxury tours that visit the area. 

Egypt: Rather than head to countries like Croatia, which are old news for seasoned travelers, luxury vacationers should head to Egypt, where tourism is now starting to grow again, allowing individuals to get an insight into the rich history of the Egyptians and see the pyramids in Giza for themselves.

Bermuda: Alluring pink-sand beaches, lovely landscapes with pastel-hued houses, and a relaxed vibe make Bermuda an ideal beach getaway. The best resorts in Bermuda offer private beaches, expansive golf courses, glossy marinas, beach clubs, and indulgent spas.

How can you travel in style?

Many people are now looking for alternative ways to travel in style rather than take to the sky, leading to rising growth in the number of travellers using RVs and campervans to get around. RVs also allow you to travel to multiple destinations easily, with traditional road trips still as fashionable as ever. Not only this, but there has also been a rise in luxury RVs that allow you to feel like you are living in a home from home, enabling you to avoid the crowds by traveling at your own pace. To ensure that you can travel in style for less, you should consider looking for a used RV for sale, which can allow you to experience this unique pace of holiday without the high costs. 

There has also been an increase in the number of people looking for luxury camping options, or glamping. These allow holiday goers to live in luxury, with beds, electricity, and kitchens, while still enjoying the benefits of camping, such as beautiful destinations and the ability to stay in touch with nature throughout your trip. 

Train travel is also developing to become more luxurious, with many trains now offering luxury alternatives to standard trips that provide multiple course meals and even accommodation within traditionally restored trains. Some of these may also have entertainment, such as murder mystery events. 

Will there be changes in how we travel? 

Although people are still looking at traveling on luxury holidays and following the latest fashion trends, there will be changes in how people travel. For instance, many travelers are now looking to stay on longer holidays and immerse themselves within the culture of the country that they are visiting. Not only this, but many younger people are concerned about taking time off work to travel. Then, there is going to be a rise in the number of people who are looking at committing to remote work in the future, with many deciding to choose careers as digital nomads in order to combine longer travel experiences with their work, or even their education. 

Not only this, but due to the uncertain economic climate and the effects of tourism on climate change, there may be a rise in the number of people looking for luxury travel experiences in the UK with a staycation. This means that they can spend more on aspects such as accommodation and activities rather than spending out on flights and travel costs. Luckily, there are many areas of the UK that are gaining popularity for luxury travel, and these include the capital of London, as well as areas such as the Lake District and Oxford. 

Not only this, but the rise of Instagram is going to lead to more people planning their fashionable holidays based on the places that they have seen on Instagram and other social media platforms. This could mean that new tourist traps develop, while there may be a rise in luxury tourism as people try to match the experiences of the influencers they follow. 


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