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Fashion – What is it worth buying in duplicate (or even in three copies)?

by luxirare
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When you discover a truly remarkable basic clothing piece – like a T-shirt made out of top quality cotton and impeccable appearance; a white shirt with an outstanding cut; a pair of cigarette trousers with an edge that knows where to stop; that conical skirt which manages to underline your hip line in a superb manner; the jeans that shrink our bottom and make our legs look longer – then you need to practice your duplicating reflexes. Otherwise, you will end up wearing the same piece over and over again, until it will end up disintegrating on its hanger, as you will regret not buying in duplicate at the first ketchup stain / first scratch on the tip / first pulled thread.

Before actually entering clothes categories, I will give you my own list of Pros and Cons arguments…


Stylistic limitation. Let’s imagine that you find the perfect black conical skirt – so perfect that you buy two pieces so you can store one safely. When the first one comes to its end, you have the second one as a backup. Besides, now you know for sure that you don’t need another black conical skirt. But what will you do if, in two months’ time, you will find one that you’ll like better? How will you justify its purchase? Or will you walk away?

The volume. If you end up buying the same T-shirt or jacket in 15 different colors, all of these will occupy a lot of storage space. It will be not just a hanger or corner of a drawer. Are you sure that you have a closet large enough to accommodate them?

(Non)Creativeness. A wardrobe filled with too many basic pieces creates, at one point, certain stylistic difficulties. How will you make today’s outfit, composed out of indigo boyfriend jeans, white shirt, and navy blue blazer, look completely different from the outfit you wore yesterday, in which the boyfriend jeans #2 were just a shade lighter?


The safety feeling. Most of us struggle to find a pair of pants that actually looks great on us, a pair of stockings that don’t roll under our waist and tease fast, and a pair of shoes that both pretty and comfortable… The feeling that you ticked something important for your wardrobe and, most importantly, to know that you can replace that essential piece at any time (in case it gets damaged, you lose it, you borrow it, you want to wear it when the “other” is waiting its turn in the laundry room, and so on), will make you feel more relaxed, more serene.

The moment of happiness. When you have money to spend, and you found and tried on your favorite clothing piece, as your heart sings of happiness just “because”, give yourself the chance to live this moment up to the end. This includes buying that clothing item in several copies because it will help you relieve your moment of stylistic glory!

Pragmatism. From my point of view, buying in duplicate or several copies justifies when you use a lot of basic pieces or when you want to create a style based on overlapping items (layering). This is when you will use them in numerous outfits.

Stylistic unity. Many women struggle with the creation of a unitary personal style, with the finding of that “stylistic signature”. And, although buying 15 dresses with an identical cut will be a total disaster for your budget and wardrobe, having 3 coats with similar cuts, but with different materials, lengths, and colors, is one step toward obtaining a stylistic unity in your daily outfits.

Getting back to the day’s subject, how can you know which pieces are worth buying in duplicate or more?

Basic clothing items

Even if black and grey T-shirts “grow old” better than the white ones, they are not exempted from the passing of time. Black fades away and grey teases… Awkwardly, these simple pieces are the ones that are most difficult to find in stores. So, when you see them, take into consideration buying in duplicate or 3 copies of each. Of course, it is up to you to determine the priorities of your wardrobe.

For some of you, it can be the “perfect white shirt”. For others, the “dark-colored trousers that fit well and make my thighs look thinner”, or the “jeans that push up my buttocks”, the “ideal dress for office”, the “the most elegant grey cashmere pullover”… Another option is duplicating a piece by opting for another color. Or a different print.

I will admit, without any self-consciousness, that I had a phase in which I used to buy 3 copies of all the clothes I fell in love with. This is how I ended up, a few years ago, to have the same conical skirt in 4 different prints, the same tuxedo shirt in duplicate, and the same type of shoes but in 2 different colors. But I also wore them, not keeping them in my closet like at an exhibition!


I have nothing against unpaired underwear sets, but if you prefer the assorted sets, I recommend buying an extra pair of undies (the same as the one in the set, or a different model but with the same color and material as the bra).

The idea is that when you finally find a pair of tights that is not too delicate, not too thick, and not too shiny, then you should definitely allow jumping… Hop! Hop!… in your shopping bag of two or three identical pairs.


Wait just a minute: I am not recommending buying in duplicate every pair of shoes for women you set your eyes on! Let’s not exaggerate with our enthusiasm… I make reference strictly to “that” pair of shoes (or sandals) of which heels (height and thickness) + boot-tree + line + cut + style you really like and appreciate, it is most comfortable, and you can wear it with hundreds of attires. It will be a simple model but very hard to find, because it is able to answer to all your requirements, it will hardly go out of fashion, and you’ll be wearing it 365 days per year.

Inevitably, one day, this wonder-shoe will get all worn out and, regardless of how talented your shoemaker is, he won’t be able to revive it. 

The rest of the clothes – the ones you will wear in unique attires, the ones you find it difficult to match – buy them in one copy only.

In conclusion, this is a difficult mission, but not impossible, which in many cases depends on your budget. Sometimes you’ll be able to wait for the sales season. And sometimes you won’t…

But do tell me, do you buy in duplicate or even in three copies some items? Did you regret not buying a clothing item, shoes, or accessory in several copies, pairs, or pieces?

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