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Fashion Week Conversations

by luxirare
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There are so many things connected to the fashion week that you cannot describe if you weren’t there to witness them. From the power of music chosen to make a show (which can go from transcendental to something incredibly outdated), up to the strange familiarity you feel towards the people (always the same!) with whom you meet for 3 weeks in a row.

In an attempt to try to show you the anti-glamour glow of these weeks, I found a list containing seven of the most frequent questions you can hear during fashion week presentations, in bars, or in shops – followed, obviously, by the most suitable answers. It is enough to read the just once, and it would be like you already experienced ten parties of the kind at once. Enjoy!

  1. Q: Where are you staying?
    A: The Maurice, the Ritz, the Park Hyatt, the Renaissance
  1. Q: When did you land?
    A: Last Sunday. Great flight, thanks to my assistant, Xanax.
  1. Q: When are you leaving?
    A: Monday, thank God. I must have put on 10 pounds already.
  1. Q: How is your driver?
    A: Genius. He knows where all the Starbucks are.
  1. Q: What have you liked?
    A: YSL, Givenchy, McQueen, Lanvin, Galliano.
  1. Q: Did you get Balenciaga?
    A: Yes, barely. Ended up sitting in the accesory editor’s lap.
  1. Q: Team Bee (shaffer) or team Julia (Roitfeld)?
    A: Oh please, I can’t think. I have a hangover, my brain hurts.

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