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Fashion – How to wear burgundy

by luxirare

If you like cherry red or burgundy – a darker shade of red, very similar to the color of red wine – assorting the colors can turn into a child’s play. You will be surprised to see that cherry red is extremely versatile.

I simply love it when this color comes to life in the presence of terracotta oranges, near bright pinks, or combined with endless shades of red.

On the other hand, it gets on my nerves to see it combined with black or navy blue, two colors that make burgundy lose its intensity. However, it is a great alternative for replacing black or brown, because it is a darker color and creates the illusion of a suppler silhouette.

But, burgundy can look old and dusty, when the shade is too faded or too cold, or when it is worn by a woman with a golden skin complexion and hair in a very warm shade. This color fits especially the ones with an olive skin or rosiness. Still, whatever you do, never wear black accessories with a cherry red outfit.

If you don’t have shoes that are burgundy, pink, or with a rusty color, accessorize your outfit with shoes that are olive green or chocolate brown.

Color combinations that are suitable for burgundy:


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