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Fashion : The dress that declares “autumn”

by luxirare

These days, I have the feeling that autumn has become everybody’s favorite season. This is due to the fact that it is a season that awakes all feelings: we see other colors and another light, just like gazing through a kaleidoscope, our tastes demand for cinnamon, baked apples and pumpkin, we touch velvet, cashmere, furs, and toile, our skin tries to accommodate at different temperatures, our hearing is now paying attention to the lisp of leaves and splash of rain…

Which brings me to the subject for today.

I love autumn dresses. I imagine the ideal autumn dress covered with a print of golden leaves and burgundy red chrysanthemums, in a vintage cut: most probably folded, with a deep V neck, and long balloon sleeves. I imagine it out of a material that, in a certain light or at certain moves, allows you to see how a golden or bronze yarn discreetly glows within the material. I imagine it worn with a classic trench, with a spencer in British checks, with suede leather boots, and a comfortable shoulder bag. “Hello, I dressed like autumn today!”, I might say the morning I would wear it.

The dresses of autumn are no longer black, gray, or brown, as they are offered to us in a highly artistic color palette and prints, all of them took from autumn’s horn of abundance: dark green like a pine forest, dark orange like pumpkin slices and chimney fire, dark red like mash, intense purple like hoarfrosted grapes, ochre yellow like gubbins and chrysanthemums, brown in the shade of chestnut and dark chocolate, smoky faded blue just like the morning mist, rusty red like cinnamon and leaves fallen in a park…

Finally, a so-called styling secret: the dresses of autumn are not made out of thick, rigid, and suffocating toile, but out of fluid materials that encourage layering and matching with other trans-seasonal pieces. You will wear them with a cardigan on your shoulder or turtleneck blouse (even a body) underneath, with a toile spencer on top or over a poplin shirt, with thick thighs and short boots, with thick socks and modern shoes, or with fine thighs and very high boots, over the knee.

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