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Resolutions for your style in 2020

by luxirare
your style

Every woman “presents” and understands her style, first of all, through the apparel that represents her. Then she continues her endeavour understanding how her aesthetic and lifestyle preferences, her guiding marks concerning femininity and beauty, her relationship with her body and people around her, transfers in the life she is leading.

The style we choose to present daily is like a preface to a book, an introduction in our world, a one-woman-show that communicates who we were until now and who we wish to become in the future, what we know about the world and our role in it, where and how we position ourselves in this big wide world. Because we are still in the first half of January, I invite you to find inspiration or guidance below, in some style resolutions, some more superficial, while others more practical, and two or three with “substance”. And in the end, you tell me: what do you wish for 2020? How would you like to grow this year? What would you like to learn, discover, live?

  1. Forget about standard measures and keep only your measures in mind

In the past year I’ve met many young designers and discovered many brands I haven’t tried before. One thing I (re)discovered is that I can ignore the measures written on the labels (numbers or letters) and refer, as much as possible, to a size table. Especially when it comes to pants!

  1. Invest in high-quality handbags and shoes

High-quality shoes doesn’t mean getting an “elegant pair of shoes, with high heels”, neither a certain brand, hunted down by every fashionista. A breathtaking Louboutin can really turn into hell after just 10 minutes of wearing, and I have witnesses to attest that! On the other hand, a pair of shoes made on an exceptional boot-tree, created by an anonymous artisan, by a small local producer, by a discreet designer, means commodity and high-quality leather, it means that you will walk with grace and, most of the cases, it means that it will be a pair of shoes that will last for a very long time.

Handbags enter the same category and are subjected to the same rules. Yes, of course you can have handbags that did not cost you an entire paycheck (but which you will treat according to their value, and that is bad) – after all, we do need bags we can trash without feeling any regrets, to throw them on the floor without feeling guilty about it, and to scratch and begrime without any remorse. But, as we refine our style and contour a high-quality wardrobe, it would be nice to raise our accessories to the same level. Yes, we may have so save some money to buy a beautiful bag, of the best quality we can afford but it will entirely worth it.

  1. Sort and organize your dresser with regularity

While we are still in the period of sitting at home a lot – for reasons of cold, snow, long evenings, and so on – make some time to reorganize your wardrobe. You will find on the blog articles in which I guide you, step by step, of how to do this. In the end, you should have a dresser filled with wearable clothes, which should give you joy and happiness every morning. Do you find it difficult to decide what to keep and what to throw away? When a season starts, hand your coat-hangers in the opposite direction you normally would; as soon as you wear a clothing item, reposition that coat-hanger in the normal position; at the end of the season’s months (in our case at the end of March), you will see the coat-hangers/clothes that were worn and the ones that remained unworn/unturned.

  1. Check your underwear drawer

Do you think I am joking? Not at all. I noticed that most women buy wonderful clothes, but forget to renew their underwear: bras, undies, stockings, bodies, slips, petticoats. Just like any other clothing item, they get enlarged or we outgrow them, they change color or texture, they get caught, they get teaseled, perforated, harsher, and even out of fashion. Sort at the beginning of a season your underwear and choose that, during the next seasonal sales (meaning this month, in January!) to invest in this category, instead of clothes.

I guarantee that your blouses and dresses will fit you much better when you will wear a new bra, your pants will have a different line once you start wearing new undies without stitches and with a slightly higher waist, and your skirts will contour your thighs and bottom in a different manner when you wear a petticoat made out of microfiber between your stockings and the fabric of the skirt.

Last but not least, your silhouette will thank you. You will see yourself differently in the mirror: more a woman, more seductive.

  1. Use discounts in your advantage, instead of feeling tricked

There is one thing I know for sure: discount seasons can be either magical, or catastrophic. Everything depends on the way I got ready. In my case, the key is to realize what I want in a timely manner, what attracts me and what I need. Pretty much like in the beginning of a relationship, don’t you think?

To those of you who are still at the beginning of your relationship with your wardrobe – meaning that you already start your endeavor for a stylistic change or you sort a very big part of it and you have room for “new and better”, or you start building a capsule-wardrobe – I recommend to visit the stores first, just to note down whatever you may need (a camel-beige overcoat, a gorgeous pair of jeans, a beautiful pair of boots, 3 high-quality pullovers, 2 office dresses, one all-season cardigan, and so on), the stores where you found all you need and, of course, their price. On your second tour, after you checked your dresser for any potential duplicates, start shopping.

To those who don’t need anything in particular but you don’t want to miss a sales season, I recommend to take a look in your dresser first. If you notice that there is nothing obviously missing (basic pieces, classic clothes, neutral colors), try to figure out what kind of elements would give your wardrobe some life? An overcoat with a different color? A knitted dress? A few blouses with modern prints? Maybe some different accessories? Go shopping having these guiding marks clear.

  1. Look for inspiration, no imitation

I doubt I will live that day when I will get tired of refining my outfits and tastes, to look for new sources of inspiration for my apparel, to experiment colors, prints, cuts, and new lengths. For me, it is essential not to imitate the style of another person, regardless of how well-dress that person is and how many praises she will receive. I look for inspiration both in the past and present: Anna Mouglalis, Anne Bancroft, Jenna Lyons, Giovanna Battaglia, are a few of the women of whose style I admire. Beyond the aesthetics, my criteria for making decisions and for adapting remain my own silhouette, the colors that fit me, my lifestyle, and personality traits.

  1. Style means more than a mere wardrobe

Style won’t resume just to the clothes you buy or to the creativity with which we build our outfits. Our style expands beyond the doors of our dressers and spaces of our dressings. Our style is the way we behave, the way we think, the things we believe in and care about, and the way we live. The spaces in which we live, the conversations we bear, our attitudes, our contributions to society and to self-development are as many stylistic signatures.

In the end, I leave you with one thought in my mind. You can see the refinement of your style, of your own image as a gift: it is the way to manifest your availability to express, in an authentic manner, who you are or, why not, the person towards whose existence you wish to evolve, the one you wish to turn into. At a first glance, style can appear as a superficial and flighty matter, but in reality it is in close connection with your inner force…

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