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Fashion – Five Spring Trends

by luxirare
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Long, gentle, and sunny days, spent wearing in fluid dresses and thin blouses still seem so far away. But, fashion is fashion, it exists in a world where harsh winters do not exist, springs are experienced in the autumn, the summers seem never-ending, and intermediary periods – with moonish and feeble-minded weather – need an adequate wardrobe.

If you checked out the shops in the past couple of weeks, I am sure you noticed that brands started to drip thin pieces from their spring  trends collections, or to display gargantuan images with dresses in shades of solar yellow, azure blue, raw green, and delicate pink, or to tempt us with sandals, colors that appear like delicious candy, floral and exotic prints, although we barely manage to get rid of our overcoats, scarves, boots, and dark colors. On the other hand, the stylistic news is hopeful: until spring will acquire its full rights, go to Spartoo.co.uk and buy “transition” pieces that we can wear starting with today. This way, even if not all the following days will be sunny and warm, our attires will still summon spring.

  • New animal print accents

Feline and reptilian inspired prints – leopard, zebra, giraffe, python – continue to dominate the collections. If you’re already filled up with one of the traditional versions (leopard in classic beige, coffee brown, and black color palette), but you are far from being satiated, an idea would be to try either the version of prints inspired by tiger-spotter stripes, or the version of snake prints.

Go for a piece that is highly versatile, let’s say a midi skirt: you can wear it now with ankle boots, fishnet thighs, and a slightly oversized pullover; in a few weeks, you can match it with a denim shirt or thin pullover, with short sleeves, while in the summer you can wear it with a white T-shirt, sandals or sneakers, eventually with a flax linen blazer or denim jacket.

Do you want a new skirt? If so, you need to think about a lot of factors. One is that you are buying a new skirt to wear, not a new skirt to hang in your closet untouched. That is why you should investigate the many skirts to pick from carefully before making a purchase. For instance, denim is a fabric that is unaffected by seasonal or weather changes. It is also strong and pleasant to wear. It is not scratchy or stiff. You should look into purchasing a few denim skirts because they can quickly make everything else in your closet much more usable. Denim skirts can be worn with flats or heels. They also work well with t-shirts or more formal tops. Therefore, you can style them any way you want, as needed.

  • Every day jumpsuit

If you ask me, the jumpsuit is one of the most interesting pieces we can have in our wardrobes. The idea behind an jumpsuit is always the same, but it can get so many shapes! Rompish and proletarian (these are called boiler suits, for those that don’t know it); elegant and seductive, even having a train attached, for an even bigger visual impact; minimalist or displaying an aviation inspiration; oversized and loose or following the lines of the body; with long, cropped, skinny, palazzo, or flared trousers; with pockets or without, with buttons or zippers, with a waistband or just an elastic; out of flax linen, denim, velvet, triple voile, gaberdine, tricot jersey, viscose; with a cropped back or folded sleeves; let alone talk about the color and prints diversity… You will definitely find one that will suit and fit you well.

For the moment, you can wear it with a thin turtleneck underneath, leaving it sufficiently unbuttoned in the chest area, adding a pair of long or ankle boots with a pointy tip, and in a few weeks, when you will see the sun more often, with a colorful tank top and canvas sneakers. Yes, I know jumpsuits are quite difficult to dress/undress, but they are versatile, comfortable, and very easy to match.

spring trends

  • A revival of the pre-washed denim

I have to admit that this is a spring trend I dislike: it brings back too much of the 90s fashion. But when it pops out even in Dior’s collections, it’s a sign I should get ready for an overdose of pre-washed denim. The method through which you can stay away from the kitsch version of this trend is to avoid wearing any kind of piece that resembles what you used to have in your wardrobe as a teenager. Meaning: no short vests out of pre-washed denim, no long and straight skirts out of pre-washed denim, no oversized jackets out of pre-washed denim, no sneakers, caps, bags that looks like being out of pre-washed denim. Honestly, you don’t want to look like Britney in her worst period…

Instead, look for a piece with an ultra-modern cut, like a pair of cropped jeans (above the ankle) and loose. Match it with something simple: a gray or black T-shirt, a white or blue shirt, a thin and loose beige pullover.

  • A reinterpretation of the two-pieces suit

Canary yellow for Escada, mandarin orange for Roksanda Ilincic, rosy pink for Armani… Fashion decided that the feminine business wardrobe needs an invigoration, of a bolder color palette, more aligned with the spirit of modern amazons. The brands complied, so the suits we can buy today are available in all the colors of the rainbow. Personally, I believe it is a great idea: finally, we can let go of the black and dark blue colors that are both omnipresent in meeting rooms, and the ultra-classic tight waistline cuts and straight trousers.

I will not tell you how and with what you can wear a suit with trousers, as it is a much too simple aspect and the possibilities are endless. I just encourage you to dare more: an emerald green suit, on a spring day? Can you imagine that?

  • An endless spring of the bias skirt

Because I just mentioned earlier the 90s fashion… That period gave us, among others, the pre-washed denim, Rachel Green’s haircut, one of the coolest films about the X generation (Reality Bites), MTV, and Nirvana’s music. Ah, and the bias skirts – a piece that turned out to be surprisingly long-living in the past seasons. It’s not just about the fact that it marks the midi skirt, but also about the way it shapes the thighs, falls on the hips, and waves around the knees. This skirt has a glorious return and I foresee a very long reign for it.

For the moment, match these skirts with a cotton hoodie and flat boots; during spring days, wear them at the office with masculine shirts and kitten heel shoes; and during the summer with fluid tank tops, fine golden jewelry, and sandals with medium bulky heels.

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