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Fashion – Effortless style

by luxirare
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Are there women that are elegant out of pure instinct, or is it a sense developed in time? If we are to take magazine pages, the result you see is the masterpiece of an entire team, including a stylist and others involved in the fashion business. But in reality, there really are women with a remarkable aspect effortless style, without being ostentatious, elegant without being burdened by brands, and classic without being too austere.

What are the ingredients, abilities, and information a woman should have, in order to look fantastic and stylish, but at the same time natural? Here are the conclusions I have drawn.

  1. Buy what you love…

As tendencies, proposals and season’s offers overwhelm us in shop windows, magazines, and fashion blogs, women need to understand – for real – that clothes and shopping cannot fill an inward void. These cannot compensate an inner insecurity or lack in education, and, above all, they cannot change the way reality is. Creating a beautiful wardrobe, which is representative for each of us, require interest, attention, a certain effort and education about style.


  1. Know your figure

New cuts, lengths, prints, and textures appear each season. The woman capable of choosing her path through the enormity of trends, picking those that will work for her and her wardrobe, will always be one step ahead of all the rest that shop by chance.

For instance, if you have wide hips and a clearly marked waist, you should know that a cloche dress or feminine dress will make your figure look much better than a minimalist and straight cut, without any tucks. The clothes you buy should flatter your body, not show the size of your wallet.


  1. Classy trumps trendy

When it comes to tendencies, approach them just like you would do with a simple summer T-shirt. Most probably, you will wear it just in that summer and, even if it had a significant effect on the moment, until the next summer, you would forget all about it, or it will be too damaged. So, taking this example, try not to overspend on ultra-creative tendencies: they are bound to constant change. It is best to invest in simple clothing pieces, with classic lines, which will offer substance, quality, and profoundness to your entire wardrobe.


  1. Investments

Invest in yourselves, in your image, in your aspect and wardrobe. I don’t even have to mention about the investment in your inner “spiritual garden” – without it, the “weeds” can be seen rather easily, but this makes the subject of another article…

As long as you have the necessary funds to support such decision, purchasing a high-quality clothing item is a much better idea than buying several items, but of questionable quality.

  1. The 24 hours rule

If you tried on a clothing item that fits your figure, which you can combine with several other items that are already in your wardrobe, but more than this you love it – so much that you dream about it, you think about it, you turn it in your head on all sides, looking for various pretexts to buy it, imagining yourself wearing it at different events. Allow yourself a 24 hours break, to breathe and think about it. If after 24 hours you will have the same fixation for that  item, then buy it, without regrets and remorse. And just like this, we go back to my first advice: wear only clothes and accessories you love.

Personally, I think self-confidence is the element that sets aside the women whose effortless style we admire. The ones dressed in beige coats, with indigo jeans, with delicate flats, impeccable shirts, sexy manly watches, and beautiful bags. Their entire appearance lacks any artificial aspects, has an effortless style instead of being studied until meltdown. Once these women decided what to wear, they know they will always look amazing: because they are careful about the clothes they buy and because their effortless style is in close connection with the acumen, not emotions or vanity.

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