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Fashion Cravings Spring/Summer 2016 : Stripes

by luxirare


Stripes are a must-have of this warm season. And when I say stripes, I don’t mean those well-known nautical style blouses worn with a pair of jeans. This season, stripes will be worn from head to toe, in all the colours and possible directions, mixing them up so we can flatter our appearance according to our preferences.

How to use stripes to your advantage? Well, if you need a couple of inches in certain parts of your body, if you know what I mean, just use horizontal stripes. If you want to look taller and thinner, vertical stripes will be your ally. Just mix vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes on your body, in such a way that will make you proud of how you look.

stripes2 stripes3

Don’t stick to only one type of stripes. Take advantage of the coloured stripes, and mix thin stripes with wide stripes for a fascinating look. This combination will also make your silhouette look thinner. Still, be careful when using wide vertical stripes. If the thin vertical stripes make you look skinnier, using too many wide stripes, set at a rather large distance one after another, will have the opposite effect, making you look fat.

Use horizontal stripes in the breast area, as it gives the illusion of bigger breasts and wider shoulders. Use vertical lines on your hips and legs, to make them look longer. And, finally, use diagonal shapes on your waist area, as it will make it look tinier. But you can also reverse the situation. If your chest is a generous one, you could use the extra inches, offered with the help of illusion, by using the stripes in the hip area.

Stripes are a great way to make a fashion statement , and it’s easy to get creative with this versatile design.

Do you love wearing stripes?

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