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Fact: You’re Not As Beautiful As You Think

by luxirare
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This isn’t an article to knock your self-confidence, it’s actually based on scientific research. Basically, scientists asked participants to look at themselves in the mirror and rate how attractive/beautiful they thought they were on a scale. Then, they asked strangers to rate the individuals participating and discovered that there a was a wide distinction between the opinions of strangers and the opinions of the people themselves.

Now, for many, this is going to be a horrifying thought. Particularly if your day starts off with a quick glance in the mirror and a ‘meh – it’s not going to get any better than that.’ But we’re more interested in why this is, and we think we have the answer. While you don’t notice the little imperfections about yourself, other people do. In fact, they’re drawn to them more than the traits of your natural beauty. So, what little details are causing you to miss that rating of a total ten with a stranger?

Lines On The Neck

Most people do have some lines on the neck. This isn’t a double chin, and it’s not because you’re fat necessarily. It’s just because the skin isn’t quite as tight as it should be. If you don’t exercise, you’re going to develop that turkey neck a lot sooner than you would like. Now, you do have the option of covering it up particularly with a lovely scarf for winter, but we have a better idea.

Just make sure that you are completing neck exercises. You can exercise the skin on your neck in the same way you would exercise muscles on your arm. It’s just a matter of taking the time to work on it. So, start by looking up at the ceiling and open your mouth as wide as you possibly can before closing it again. Do this ten times, and afterwards, you will notice that the skin around your neck does feel tighter. Those lines might even have disappeared!

Pearly White? Not So Much

You might think that your teeth are bright and white but look a little closer. There’s definitely a noticeable yellow tinge. You didn’t see it at first, but you can bet that other people did. To solve this issue, you need to look into teeth whitening options. There are a few different ones to choose from, and they can have tremendous results. Use the services of a company like Bright & White Dental Spa, and you can come away with teeth that look absolutely gorgeous. Next time you flash a smile at a stranger, you’ll definitely see they think you’re a stunner.

Blemish Blues

Or perhaps you have a few blemishes on your skin. You might be able to live with these, but someone else will notice them. The best way to handle them is not to cover them up but deal with them head-on. You can start by drinking plenty of water. Water replenishes your skin, giving it back the natural oils needed to look fresh and wonderful.

Take this advice and how beautiful you feel real will be how beautiful you are.

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