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Explore BC’s Powder Belt

by luxirare
Powder Belt

Picture this: you’re on a helicopter with your three closest friends. You’re flying through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, with an unobstructed birds eye view of the most breathtaking landscape in the world. Plains of white, untouched powder belt and towering evergreens flash by as you keep climbing and climbing until you reach the summit. But this isn’t the end of your journey – it’s only just the start. You and your friends now have to head back, and it won’t be by helicopter. The only way down is by shredding vertical as you heli ski back to your lodgings.

Sound to fantastical to be real? For a large majority of skiers it is, as they’re stuck in the status-quo of the typical resort. But for those thrill-seeking adventurers who need more speed and vertical in their next trip, it’s only a few mouse clicks away. BC’s top rated heli skiing operators, such as the pilots and guides at Great Canadian Heli Skiing trip, are online and waiting to start organising your exciting holiday in the Rockies. When you plan your trip with Great Canadian Heli Skiing expect an experience like no other. As a boutique operator known for their personalised touch, they create exceptional getaways that are entirely unique and unforgettable. It’ll be your own private holiday away from the crowds of the largest resorts. You and your friends will have exclusive rights to the rugged terrain, uncut powder belt, and mountain fresh air of the Rockies.

Let’s talk about the snow, first and foremost. It’s what can make or break your skiing experience, and all too often resorts can’t deliver. Subject to warmer temperatures, they often have to rely on synthetic snow. The quality is dragged down even further as the crowds cut tracks through the slushy snow, ruining your chances at gaining speed. But way up in the mountains, the climate creates the perfect conditions for your best run yet.  Fluffy, uncut powder belt awaits you, and you only have to share it with your friends.

When the snow’s perfect, it’s easy to gain ridiculous amounts of vertical. The operators at Great Canadian guarantee an average of 43,000 vertical metres during a week-long trip, but there’s no absolute limit. You can ski as much or as little as you want as you take in the beautiful surroundings. It’s up to you and your crew to see where your skis take you.

Eventually, they’ll lead you back to the lap of luxury, as you head back to your boutique accommodations. Expect all of the modern amenities you’d expect from the top rated destinations, including amazing meals and comfortable lodgings. The only thing different is your view. Surrounded by the very mountains you conquered, you’ll have an excellent vantage point so you can see how far you’ve come. If this sounds like something you could enjoy, don’t delay in opening up a new tab and starting your research now. The best heli skiing BC can offer is only a few clicks away.


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