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Everything You Need to Know About European Oak Flooring

by luxirare
European Oak Flooring

One of the top favourites when it comes to flooring options is European oak flooring. Hardwood floors made with this type of wood comes with a classic look that gives a home added personality. It also lends some sophistication and warmth to the area it is installed in.

Oak is an expensive choice when it comes to flooring but it also adds value to your home when it is appraised. European oak floors don’t just come in one grade and grain. There are lots of options for you to choose from when you decide to use this wood for your floor. The options you have for European oak flooring include the following:

Natural Grade – This is the kind of wood that exudes character, so to speak. It is an ABC grade wood that has more infrequent knots, can have some mineral streaking, and even have a grain pattern. Natural oak flooring can range in colour from dark brown to cream.

Rustic Grade–Oak wood that is classified as rustic grade is sometimes called Millrun and can come with lots of knots, vibrant patterns, and colour variations. These usually have heavy grain markings and mineral stains, which adds to its rusticity. 

Prime Grade – This grade of oak flooring is the finest of allgrades, with a price that matches its quality. Also called Select grade, floors that belong to this category often have very few knots, have a more uniform look, straighter grains, and less variation in its colour all throughout.

How to Clean European Oak Floors

European oak flooring should be cleaned and cared for the same way you would take care of any hardwood floor. This means you have to choose your cleaning agents wisely and you have to take extra care when cleaning to avoid scratches and damage. You should only use soft brooms or soft Swiffer mops to clean the surface of your floor.

Don’t use harsh chemicals on your floor or it will strip away its natural beauty. You should also take extra care when you spill something on it. Make sure to wipe the spill off immediately with absorbent microfibre cloth to stop it from seeping through.

Alternative to European Oak Floors

If you like the look of European oak flooring but can’t stomach the high cost of such a choice, your next best option would be to opt for an engineered version of this wood. There are actually a few advantages to choosing engineered oak floors instead of real hardwood ones. For starters, it is cheaper and easier to install. It is also easier to maintain and keep intact. It is also more durable and can come in wider planks.

Another thing you will love about the engineered version of this flooring type is its versatility. You can install these onto floors without the need for a plywood subfloor. You can also install these over underfloor heating since these boards don’t warp when exposed to changing temperatures. In short, if you want the classic look of European oak flooring without the added cost and care that it requires, an engineered version can be considered.

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