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Engagement ring trends for 2021

by luxirare

While your engagement ring is very much a subjective and rather personal matter, the industry around it is still subject to changing trends. If you are hoping to tie the knot soon or are simply dreaming of the future, you may already have an engagement ring design in mind that you know will sweep you off your feet, or you still may be looking for a touch of inspiration.

If you fall into the latter category, we’ve got some great news – 2021’s engagement ring trends are brimmed with beauty, sophistication and some returns of old favourites. Here, we break down the biggest themes set to dominate the engagement ring industry in the coming 12 months.

Solitaire settings

The solitaire ring, or the single-stone ring for those not indoctrinated, still reigns supreme as one of the perennial and timeless choices for a classically styled engagement ring. After a big year in 2020, the solitaire is set to continue as one of the most popular ring formats, with the diamond solitaire ring probably the quintessential engagement band, making it a can’t go wrong choice for virtually anyone looking to surprise their significant other.

Blue is the colour

If you’ve watched the latest series of Netflix’s hit drama, The Crown, you may have noticed Princess Diana’s sparkling and stunning blue engagement ring. Diana was gifted this in real life as her “something blue” heading into the wedding, and the show has caused a resurgence of interested fans looking to emulate the grace of the princess with their own ring. Because of that, expect to see plenty of standout large sapphire rings as options this coming season.

Green with emerald envy

Coloured engagement rings are most definitely a thing this year, so it makes sense for us to shift from talking about the deep blue of sapphire rings to the stunning green of emerald stones. Associated with serenity and new beginnings, emeralds have always been a symbolic choice for newlyweds, but expect to see plenty of emerald options as part of the wider coloured ring push in 2021.

Oval rings are back in

Just as fashion is cyclical, so is the oval engagement ring as it’s set for a big return in the new year. Driven forward by celebrities such as Jasmine Tookes’ showing off her newly acquired and rather humongous oval diamond band, oval stones are enjoying a resurgence in popularity for those seeking a clean yet eye catching piece of jewellery.

Vintage continues to grow

It’s hard to remember a time when vintage wasn’t in, and the engagement ring market is no exception to the rule this year. With people placing more value on keepsakes from times gone by, not to mention a heightened consumer interest in sustainability these days, many people are looking to repurpose beautiful rings that are already in the family or find vintage pieces that hold generational value for a bargain price.

When it comes to finding your perfect engagement ring, there’s a great mix of contemporary and classic options to choose from that are trending this year. From classic solitaire silver diamonds through to eye catching coloured stones, it’s definitely a good year to be tying the knot!

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