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Emerging Fashion Brands With A Whole New Sensibility

by luxirare
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Luxury fashion is no longer just about the dress with the highest price tag, it’s about fashion brands that are thought leaders, that revel in the rare and play with the bold. It’s about a connection between the product and the brand, and above all, the emotional connection you feel when you wear it. Classic fashion brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel aren’t going anywhere. You just have to try on Burberry’s trademark khaki trench coat once to know that these fashion heavy-hitters top the charts for a reason. But for fashion-lovers who are always on the lookout for something new, hip, and above all, unique, a new generation of 21st century fashion brands are changing the way the world thinks about luxury.

So, what are the names you need to know when you’re looking for outfits that rethink luxury fashion?

  • Khaite is one of the highest-end names to have emerged in the last couple of years, the brainchild of Catherine Holstein. Its styles are all about balance, striking the perfect note between masculine and feminine, strong and soft. Their dresses are minimalist dreams that are both fresh and sophisticated.
  •  Verdad, launched at New York Fashion Week in 2016, is another bold entry to women’s fashion – it’s playful and sexy without going to extremes. Whether it’s a jersey knit dress or two-tone culottes, the cuts are bold and powerful.
  • Lily Ashwell, launched in 2012, takes its inspiration from the vintage store, designed in Venice, California and made in downtown Los Angeles. One look at Lily Ashwell’s summer line is enough to get a sense for the playful sexiness of this vintage-inspired brand.
  • Imported from Denmark, Ganni also has a tongue-in-cheek sensibility to it, especially its unique line of printed Ts, stunningly paired with Nordic minimalist-inspired skirts and unique lace pants. With lots of lace and baggy shapes, Ganni has mastered a loose look for 2017.
  •  Last but not least, Dear Frances has stormed Hollywood, becoming the shoe brand of choice for celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Dear Frances, only three years old, is known for its sculpted, nearly architectural footwear. After studying design, founder Jane Frances even spent time working in a shoe factory in Italy to learn the time-honored techniques of Italian footwear makers.

It doesn’t take too much time on these brands’ Instagram feeds to start feeling jealous of their daring styles, but even though they’re not quite Dolce & Gabbana prices, these fashion-forward brands aren’t exactly bargains. Money-conscious fashionistas buy used womens clothing to stretch their budgets further. The cost of a single new dress can cover multiple outfits if you know where to hunt down lightly-used bargains. These days, everyone starts their search with online classifieds in their area.

Even hip clothing brands like Khaite, Verdad, Dear Frances, Ganni, and Lily Ashwell can be found on classified sites like Kijiji. With tens of thousands of listings, the perfect new dress in the perfect size is waiting for you. There are so many reasons people sell clothes, from accidentally ordering the same item twice to cleaning out prom gowns or changing their style. Thrifty shoppers who love the thrill of hunting through the rack use Kijiji and other classified sites for new finds from the comfort of their home. You don’t have to wait until Saturday afternoon to indulge yourself in second hand clothes shopping.

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