How the elite are spending their money on the internet

Although the internet has helped just about anybody gain access to a wealth of information, communication and entertainment offerings, there are a few corners of the web that have proven to be a little more exclusive than the rest.

From the bespoke dating services that match you up with singles based upon your multi-million net earnings, to bizarre apps that help confirm your immense wealth, here’s proof that the internet has helped many rich people flaunt and spend their wealth in evermore fascinating ways.


One of the more amusing entries into the elite app market was the I Am Rich app. This was launched in 2008, and by spending $999.99 at the App Store, a select group of individuals obtained an app that merely displayed a glowing red orb on their devices that let everybody know that they had the wealth – and lack of shame – to purchase this completely useless piece of software.

Unfortunately the I Am Rich app proved to be a little too exclusive, as a mere handful of people bought the app before Apple removed it from their store.


Thankfully there’s been a series of sites established that have helped part rich people with their money in more successful ways, such as the VIP Black app that can help the wealthy hunt down that essential butler, personal yacht or even book a private room at a particularly opulent casino.

The VIP Black app is priced at $999.99 and individuals can only gain access after they’ve been through what’s described as vetting procedure that guarantees that only millionaires use the service.

But with online gaming sites such as Mr Smith Casino offering a vast range of glamorous games like live poker, roulette and slots that offer another adventure into the lands of immense potential wealth and excitement, it’s been up to elite businesses to find some new areas of interest.

And it seems that romance is still key to the hearts of the elite, as there’s been an explosion of exclusive dating sites like Luxy that aim to provide a more bespoke service than other popular dating apps.

Although the site has been declared ‘a Tinder for snobs’, it’s enjoyed a surprising amount of popularity amongst the wealthy, and despite Luxy being used for some unscrupulous activities, it reveals that just like the casino games, romance and wealth continue to fascinate us all.

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