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Elevate Your Hair-Care Routine with These Habits

by luxirare
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When it comes to hair care, everyone has different routines and products that they are loyal to. After all, you’d never expect someone with curly hair to have the same routine as someone with straight hair. 

That said, there are general habits that everyone should adopt — regardless of their hair type. For example, you should always be brushing your hair in the shower — it’s a fool-proof (and tangle-proof) method for everyone.

Your routine can either make or break your hair (quite literally) — so it’s important to be equipped with good habits and quality products.

If you are in need of essential tools, there are plenty of  Grown Alchemist luxury hair care products and items from countless others brands to choose from, ranging from conditioners to shampoos to serums — but more on that later. 

Here are some steps everyone needs to incorporate into their routine for healthy and shiny locks:

Brush in the Shower

Trying to brush your hair when it’s dry can be painful and leave your hair frizzy. That’s why it’s essential to brush out your tangles in the shower, after you condition. This is when they are moisturized and easiest to brush out. If you get into this habit, it’s a good idea to invest in a wet brush.

That said, refrain from over-brushing — according to Real Simple, brushing once a day is sufficient. This is because brushing and pulling both stretch and weaken your locks. 

Rinse with Lukewarm Water

There’s no denying that hot showers are a refreshing way to start and end a day. That said, extreme heat damages your hair fibers — so flat iron and blow dry your hair with caution.

Get Consistent with Conditioner and Shampoo 

There’s a reason why brands carry both shampoos and conditioners — these products work best when used together.

Everyone uses conditioner and shampoo at different rates dependant on their hair type and texture, but it’s a good idea to buy both these products from the same brand for optimal results.

Apply Less Product & Cleanse 

Chances are, you are using way too much product. The rule of thumb is to use one toonie-sized dollop of a product (shampoo, conditioner, masks etc) and then apply more as needed. 

It’s essential that you rinse thoroughly after application, to make sure that no residue is left on your scalp — where it can build up, itch and irritate the skin. That is, unless it is a lasting product like leave-in conditioner.  Be sure to use a cleanser like cleansing peels and scrubs to help keep your scalp free of this build up. 

Air Dry & Blow Dry 

Let’s make one thing clear: towel drying is rough on your hair, pulls it and causes frizz. Just don’t do it. That said, the best way to dry your locks is a balance of air drying and blow drying. 

On their own, both of these tactics can damage your hair. Direct, extreme heat can damage your hair cuticle (the protective outer layer of your hair) — but letting your hair dry is no better for you. Leaving your hair soaking wet for that long can cause it to swell and put pressure on your hair proteins.

According to Prevention, the best drying method is to air dry about 70-80% of the way, then blow dry on the coolest setting, holding it 6-inches away from your head. Like most things in life, hair care is about achieving balance. 

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