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Dressing Playfully: What Is It? And How Do You Do It?

by luxirare

With the warmer weather on the way soon, many women are planning their summer outfits. The summer is a time to experiment with styles that the winter rules out. All of a sudden, you can try new cuts that aren’t possible during the colder months of the year. 

For many, the summer is a time to be playful with their outfits. It is time to throw off the frigidity of the winter, both literally and metaphorically, and do something a bit more “out there.”

Being more playful with your outfits isn’t about being childish. You don’t need to put flowers in your hair or wair pleated dresses. Instead, it’s about adding garments or accessories to your wardrobe that have a spark about them – things that aren’t just run-of-the-mill. It could be something as simple as an extravagant pair of shoes or wearing a bright skirt alongside your regular outfit. Fundamentally, it’s about creating visual disruption – a small change that differentiates you from everyone else in your age group. 

Pulling off a “playful” look can be a challenge for some people. It’s not easy to get the balance between sophistication and extravagance right. It takes some careful planning on your part.

Take a look at the following methods you can use that will help you dress playfully, without wrecking your overall look. 

Build Your Wardrobe Staples First, Before You Do Anything Else

The first step is to build your wardrobe staples. By this, we mean anything that is neutral and will work with any outfit. The garments you choose to buy here should be black, white, grey, or denim. In other words, clothing that you can use as a base and build on with more exciting items. 

Start Color Popping Wherever You Can

The next step is to use as much color as you can in one or two garments or accessories. The trick here to create a neutral background, say, by wearing a dark t-shirt, and then add playful elements, like an oversized, bright turquoise bracelet. The dark background will have the effect of emphasizing accessories you include as part of your outfit. 

Don’t assume that going playful means having a “rainbow” look. You don’t want to wind up looking like somebody from the 1960s. Just look for the odd item of clothing or piece of jewelry that makes a statement. Too many different colors will confuse the eye, wrecking the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Keep it simple where possible. 

Wear More Patterns, Including Stripes And Dots

Patterns are, arguably, the fundamental element to a more playful look — people associate stripes, polka dots, and all the rest with sassiness. You will, therefore, want to include these elements, too, if you can. 

Polka dots are coming into vogue again. We’ve seen models in Paris and London on the catwalk wearing the pattern. No doubt it will be coming to a store near you soon. Polka dots don’t look anything like how you might imagine. Designers have become adept at creating elegant styles suitable for the modern world that include this somewhat retro design. 

Strips are an important consideration too. You can use them as a base layer or wear them on top of more neutral items in your wardrobe. 

Graphics and irregular patterns also work well if you’re going for a playful look, especially on tees. 

Don’t Play It Safe

A lot of women like to play it safe when it comes to what they wear. They don’t want to step off into uncharted territory for fear of the repercussions.

Decisions like these, of course, aren’t playful. Being playful is all about expressing your freedom and embracing your authentic impulses and emotions. Saying no to a particular item of clothing because it is too “out there” prevents you from exploring new styles. 

It can be hard to be more playful in your outfits if you’re used to dressing in monochrome. Making the hop can be a challenge. It is not always easy to feel confident. You don’t have to force yourself to wear brighter clothing if you don’t want to. That’s not what this post is about at all. 

Adding little pops of color here and there, however, can be a great place to start. Start with a statement piece of jewelry, bag, or shoes, and then build from there. You don’t have to go all-in immediately. 

So there you have it: the many methods you can use to dress playfully. Will you be trying any of them for yourself? 

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