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Dress For Happiness: How To Wear Your Clothes Well

by luxirare

Our clothes say a lot about us. They may suggest the job we do, the salary we earn, and how confident we feel in the world. Clothes can also be deceptive. They can enhance our best bits and hide the parts of us we’re not comfortable with. They are both a reflection of our state of mind and have the power to alter our emotional state. For example, if you get ready in the morning and your clothes feel tight because you’ve gained a couple of pounds, this can cause you to feel deflated or worse. And the opposite is also true. Pulling on those skinny jeans after a few months of a healthy eating plan can make you feel elated.

It goes without saying that it takes a lot more than clothes to make us truly happy. However, clothes do have the power to lift our spirits. So, it’s certainly worth bearing this in mind and taking steps to ensure our outfits work for us.

The Fit

Our main goal is to feel comfortable and attractive in what we’re wearing. The first step in achieving this is to buy garments that fit well. If your clothes feel a little tight or cling in the wrong places, you’re unlikely to feel at ease. If you have a few items like this in your wardrobe, it’s worth considering replacing them. Don’t wait until you’ve lost those few pounds; it’s important to feel good today. Constantly pinning your happiness on a future date is counterproductive. True happiness comes from living in the moment.

As well as ensuring a good fit, opt for clothes made from quality materials that are cut well. Well-made clothes drape properly, improving the silhouette and overall look. You may pay a little extra in the short term. However, their longevity will make them an economical investment.


Most women have areas of their bodies that they’re not 100% happy with. The tendency is to dwell on this rather than appreciate all the good things about themselves. Clothes should enhance and accentuate your good bits and draw attention away from the parts you not so enamored with.

Get to know your body shape and find garments that complement it. For example, if you have an hourglass shape, enhance your curves by using belts creatively. If you’re an apple shape, draw attention away from your midsection and accentuate your shoulders and legs.


Accessories are your friend. They can transform your outfit choices, enhancing, disguising, and focusing attention. The simple act of changing the accessories you wear with an outfit can change the overall look completely. Select them carefully, particularly when it comes to shoes.

Diet And Exercise

It goes without saying that clothing will only take you part way. Achieving a body that you’re happy with is down to making positive lifestyle changes. In some cases, though, despite making changes to diet and exercise, there are still some stubborn areas that are difficult to change. For example, the stomach area can be problematic, especially after childbirth. Cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks are becoming more popular as women seek to remove excess skin and achieve a sleeker more toned appearance. 

Clothes won’t bring you true happiness. However, they have the power to lift your spirits and make or break your day. Choose them wisely.

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