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How Do You Define a Luxury Property?

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London is renowned for its huge range of luxurious, expensive properties. You only need to look at areas such as Battersea, Kingston and Hammersmith to see just how homeowners have got it spot on in terms of luxury home improvements. But how do you define a luxury property? Well, it’s not as simple as you might think.

What makes a property luxurious?

For many people, they assume the more expensive the property, the more luxurious it’s going to be. However, this isn’t necessarily true; particularly in London.

London property is notoriously expensive. Even run-down studio apartments can cost a small fortune to buy or rent. Therefore, luxury London property cannot be determined purely by price alone.

Instead, several factors can give a property luxury status such as location, décor, architecture and a superior exterior. The size of the property isn’t important. It’s common to imagine a mansion as being luxurious for example. However, in reality a mansion sized home could be dated and run-down. On the other hand, a smaller property could have a unique, interesting and luxurious décor. Of course, everyone has different tastes, so defining luxury décor isn’t easy. What one person finds luxurious, another may not.

One thing many can agree upon however, is location does play a huge part in a property’s luxury status. If you’re looking for a luxury property in Kingston or West Kensington for example, you know you’re going to be getting a luxury London property. That’s why estate agents such as Featherstone Leigh are extremely popular. They focus on the more upmarket, luxury parts of the UK’s capital.

There are a lot of property competitors in London, but very few specialise in the more luxurious properties.

What types of luxury home improvements can be made?

Those interested in making their property more luxurious, may want to consider adding a few select home improvements. This won’t just boost your enjoyment of the home, it will also make it more attractive to estate agents such as Featherstone Leigh, if you ever want to sell.

Some luxury home improvements aren’t as expensive as you might think. You could add a sauna or a steam room for example. If you don’t have the room indoors, you could always add one outside of the property. What would make a London property more unique than having its own sauna or steam room in the garden?

A cinema room is another fantastic option. You don’t need to have a massive room either. Just as long as it can fit a few comfortable seats, a projector and a surround sound system, that’s all you need. This again can turn a property into a luxury heaven and it can even cost less than buying the latest new television.

No luxury property should be without heated floors. It may seem basic, but the additional comfort really enhances a home’s luxury status. There’s also the added benefit that it can keep mould growth at bay. So, it’s practical, comfortable and luxurious.

The above are just some of the things which define a luxurious property. While location itself is often enough to give a home luxury status, adding the right home improvements can step up its luxurious appeal, making it much more profitable to sell – especially in London.

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