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Edible Crayons

by luxirare
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Pressing the ingredients into the crayon mold.

Processed nuts, sesame seeds…and moistened with melted marshmallow. The consistency should be somewhat dense and clump together with a squeeze.

Another color set, processed corn, nuts, yellow fruity pebbles, bee pollen, super healthy.

Before it was powdered, here are the whole ingredients..I used freeze dried corn as well (this stuff is SO good as a snack…SO GOOD! Better than popcorn (it tastes like real corn but just dried) but super light not like normal dried corn), I also used peanuts, bee pollen, dried bananas.Each crayon was made with color divisions. Yes the flavor is based on colors, not actual flavors.
This was the brown color, it had almonds, black sesami, wild sesame, and some other ingredients. You can use whatever you want, even prunes. These are all a mixture of nuts, seeds, dried veggies, fruits, and anything that is healthy. Dried or freeze dried veggies and fruits contain most of the nutrients (as opposed to cooking them). Though adding fruity pebbles DOES make it less healthy. I used it to add sweetness instead of sugar.These were the green crayon ingredients, peas, green beans, dried kiwi, green fruity pebbles, dried pumpkin seeds.

The purple and blue are the least healthy edible crayons, they have more candy and sugar in them haha. The purple one used freeze dried blueberries (also such a good snack, and good for making jams or blueberry sauces without buying fresh blueberries, these keep for such a long time!) and the blue used dried blueberries (different texture than freeze dried, it has more of a chewy and wet mouthfeel).

Goji berries for the red crayon.

Three ingredients I used for all of the health bars were choco covered sunflower seeds, fruity pebbles (organized by color) and melted marshmallow (heat in pan with a bit of water and mixed with powdered ingredients to get clay-like texture..then put it in the mold and let it air dry..Don’t bake these, they will change color..when they are dry they become like biscuits).

Also, you can add a bit of powdered or liquid food coloring (don’t add a lot) to the powdered ingredients to give them a color boost.


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