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Fashion – Comfort’s eulogy

by luxirare

When it comes to apparel, the notion of comfort was unknown to me for a very long time and it often made me indifferent about it. I must mention that, back in those days, I used to believe that the purpose of clothes was, above anything, to allow optic illusions to make life gentler, better…

So, year after year, I wore excessively and exclusively high heels. Downtown on in vacations, at work and at home, at shopping or at the library, for walks or at cocktail parties, I was constantly climbing on high heels, of at least 9 centimetres. What matters was that, at the end of the day, my back was aching or my toes were completely numb. But, I never thought about letting it go, not even on my way back home. I used to stay in the same daytime outfit – the chosen dress, skirt, or pair of jeans chosen in the morning, pumps or heel sandals… In the morning, I used to find it difficult to idle in my pyjamas; shortly after my morning preparations, I jumped into my chosen outfit and, obviously, in my high heel shoes. The concept of “homewear” didn’t seem to have too much value to me, because I used to associate it with negligence, with loosing the stylistic “control”.

This until recently.

… when things started to change and I started to feel what it really like to enjoy comfort and relaxation. I realized that I was depriving myself, without a point, of a pleasant physical sensation.

Long weekends and evenings, and the winter vacation, the hygge ambiance of my home, they all said their word. Slowly, one step at a time, I started to understand just how important (and pleasant!) is to have in your wardrobe those several soft clothes, pleasant at touch, comfy and aesthetic, which can replace your everyday armour. Those in which the Saturday coffee rimes with the delicacy of a loose sweater and the reasonableness of a winter evening should not come in contrast with the softness of a grey molton pants. With other words, I felt on my own skin just how well it is to dissociate the urban wardrobe of the interior one, the last one created, without a doubt, with the sole purpose of offering the body a state of wellness, a sanctuary of tactile sensations, a stylistic bracket of simplicity and beauty.

Sweatpants, extra-fine tank tops, loose sweaters and light cardigans, kimonos and soft dressing gowns can make their entrance in the wardrobe of every woman and create “zen” clothing rituals, which will produce tactile pleasures. They would replace loose T-shirts, sweatshirts that smell like cooked food and the slightly damaged leggings, which we never let go because we save them for wearing “inside the house”. It would be those clothes that would make us abandon the desire of controlling our urban look, to replace it with pure and relaxing joy; those clothes that merge perfectly with your natural physiognomy, without any makeup, dishevelled hair, and bare feet. Our sensation of physical comfort, also favoured by the commodity of clothes, will give birth to a relaxed, alive, and natural gesticulation, where inhibitions and coercions lack, making your home a bubble of well-being, a space of serenity, which has as primary purpose to make us feel comfortable with ourselves. At the start of a year, this apparel mutation can help us see the time spend with and for us differently, getting a bigger importance.

How do you dress these days? What are your thoughts for this start of year?

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