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Choosing the Best Type of Mattress

by luxirare
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Sleep is arguably one of the most crucial processes our bodies can go through every single day. It is so important that we get a good night’s sleep to keep our bodies as healthy as possible and to be able to function throughout the day. One of the main factors in the quality of sleep you get is your type of mattress. A bad mattress can cause us to struggle to find a comfy position to sleep in and we can end up with many restless nights. Finding the perfect mattress can be a little bit confusing, which is why we have laid out some tips for you.

Types of mattress

There are four main types of mattress you can buy:

Open spring mattress: this is a mattress which contains one long piece of wire which is coiled into many springs. It is usually the best value for money as it is a common mattress type. They are lighter than other types of mattress and are made by machines. You can find these mattresses everywhere such as mattressnextday and in other stores. They are generally a little less supportive than other types and will need replacing more often.

Pocket spring mattress: this type of mattress has lots of springs which are housed in their own little pocket of fabric. This is a much more luxurious type of mattress than the open spring and each spring will move independently to provide more support to your body as you move around in your sleep. This is a great option for partners because it will mould to each person throughout the night.

Memory foam mattress: a modern type of mattress which is becoming more and more popular each year is the memory foam mattress. It mouldy to your individual shape through the night as well as to your weight and body temperature. It can however get a little bit warm after a while which doesn’t suit everyone. This is a great option for anyone who has joint pain.

Latex mattress: rather than springs, this type of mattress is filled with latex foam. It is a great hypoallergenic option for those who suffer with allergies or asthma. It is a fairly firm bed so it is better for those who don’t like to feel like they are sinking.


The firmness of your mattress will affect the way you sleep. Different people prefer different thicknesses, and these are what you can choose from:

Soft:this is a great option for people who like to sleep on their side as you are taking pressure off your spine and moulding to your body.

Medium soft: one for restless sleepers- it will mound to your body as you move around throughout the night but will also provide a little support.

Medium firm: if you sleep on your back- this type of mattress can mould to the arch of your back for support but won’t sink inwards.

Firm: this type of mattress provides the most support and doesn’t mould to your body and sink inwards. It is ideal for those who are overweight or sleep on their front.

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