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Celebrities Suffering from Hair Loss and How They Overcome the Condition

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Hair Loss

If you’ve noticed your hair thinning or are worried that you might be going bald, you’re certainly not alone. There are many different causes of hair loss but one of the most common is androgenic alopecia, a genetic condition commonly referred to as male pattern baldness or MPB. This is caused by an increased sensitivity to androgens (male hormones) and both men and women can suffer from this type of hair loss.

Around a quarter of all men find that their hair is starting to thin noticeably by the age of 30 and if you have noticed increasing amounts of hair in the plug hole each morning, you may be feeling pretty depressed or anxious about it. However, there’s no need to despair: the situation isn’t as hopeless as you might think.

Today, there are various ways of overcoming the condition, as many celebrities can attest.

Finasteride is widely used and now very popular as one possible treatment to help to prevent or slow hair loss in both men and women. However always buy from a reputable registered Pharmacy especially if shopping online, Oxford Online Pharmacy is one possible retailer which clearly displays their MHRA Certificates.

How celebrities prevent hair loss

Bradley Cooper

Most people are upset at the thought of losing their hair but for Hollywood stars and other celebrities, it’s more than vanity, it can sometimes be a question of losing their leading man status. Star of American Hustle, Bradley Cooper, is said to have been taking finasteride for a couple of years to treat his receding hairline. There are several bald men in his family so he is anxious to preserve his stylishly dishevelled locks.

Finasteride works by preventing the male hormone testosterone from damaging the hair follicles. The drug was originally developed to treat enlarged prostates but the side effect of renewed hair growth was so remarkable that it is now seen as a very effective weapon against hair loss. Finasteride is sometimes referred to by its brand name, Propecia. Other celebrities who are known to use the treatment include Will Young, Declan Donnelly, Graham Norton and Matthew McConaughey.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is not only one of the world’s most talented footballers, he’s also renowned for the early onset of his male pattern baldness. While there are various topical treatments that can successfully arrest early hair loss, he chose to correct his receding hairline with at least one and possibly more hair transplants. These surgical procedures are carried out under a local anaesthetic: healthy hair follicles are harvested from the patient’s own head before being transplanted to the areas being corrected. Many trichologists recommend a six to twelve month course of treatment with finasteride to strengthen the hair and boost the patient’s existing growth as much as possible before a hair transplant is performed.

Tom Cruise

The dynamic Hollywood star is known to prefer a topical treatment to improve his thinning hair. Scientists do not yet understand exactly how Minoxidil or Rogaine works, but it increases the time that each individual hair spends in its growing phase, as well as thickening the hair shafts. The lotion must be applied to the scalp twice a day and is considerably less effective when used alone than Finasteride, although it can be a helpful as a supplementary treatment.

Whichever method of treatment for hair loss you prefer, it will be more effective if you start it as soon as you notice your hair starting to thin. There’s no need to feel embarrassed: you don’t even need to see your own GP if you prefer not to. To help you decide the most suitable course of treatment for you, you can always have an online consultation with a doctor with many Registered online pharmacy’s, where it’s quick and easy to buy finasteride and other treatments at unbeatable prices.

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