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Those that travel for business purposes understand just what an ordeal it can be. Even if it is a regular occurrence, it can still cause a great deal of stress and particularly when it involves lengthy overseas business travel to new places. Fortunately, there are a few tips to follow that can make it a much smoother and more enjoyable process, as well as cheaper too.

Travel Checklist

The last thing you want to do is forget an important piece of equipment or a document on a crucial business travel trip. Create a checklist for everything you need well in advance of your trip and tick these items off as you are packing (don’t leave this till the last minute). This will ensure that you are fully prepared for that important meeting or presentation, plus it will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need.

Fully Charged

Charge all of your devices before setting off for the trip and bring necessary chargers with you.  This is particularly important if you are travelling somewhere new and will need to use maps and various apps to get around.

Carry On Only

Unless you are travelling for an extended period of time, you should stick to carry-on luggage only. You should be able to fit everything you need in carry-on and this will save an enormous amount of time in arrivals as you can skip the most frustrating part – baggage claim. This tip is particularly important if you are travelling with colleagues, as you do not want to keep everybody waiting for your suitcase to arrive.

Dress for an Upgrade

If you are hoping for an upgrade (who isn’t?), always dress smartly and be kind and polite to the gate agents. This can make a huge difference, plus you will need smart clothes for your meetings anyway. This allows you to pack some more comfortable clothing in your carry-on luggage for free time.

Plan Your Meals

Eating well is crucial on a business trip as there is nothing worse than a rumbling stomach during an important meeting. Plan your meals well in advance and research good places to eat if you are travelling to a new place (or perhaps ask for recommendations from the people you are meeting or the hotel concierge). It is also worth having a snack bar on you at all times.

Jet Lag

Any traveller’s worst enemy,  how you cope with jet lag could determine the success of the trip. There is plenty of advice online, but you should try to adjust your body clock before you set off. Change your watch before take off and do your best to sleep when it is dark – even if you can’t, it will help you to adjust to the new timezone.


Checking into a highly rated hotel, like citizenM, is well worth the extra cost as it can help with every aspect of the trip. A hotel with comfortable rooms, 24-hour food and drink, free Wi-Fi, fast check in, helpful staff and luxury facilities will ensure that you are happy, content and on the ball – this should ensure that your trip is a complete success.

Rewards Programs

Many airlines, car rental companies and hotels will reward regular customers. If you travel regularly, always use the same companies (provided that they offer a good service) and you could benefit from upgrades, early boarding, discounts, priority hotel rooms and generally a better service.

Following these tips each time you have a business trip should make travel a lot easier, smoother and more affordable in some cases. When your business travel is made easier, it makes the trip more enjoyable and will also ensure that you are fully prepared and ready to conduct important business.

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