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Build The Bedroom You Deserve

by luxirare
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Few people can argue against it; the bedroom is the cornerstone of your home, no matter how much or little it factors into your daily schedule. It’s where you spend (or should be spending) around a third of each day getting the sleep you deserve. It might be where you get dressed, get ready to go out and relax after a hard day.

So why let it go to pot with second-rate sheets, dismal decor and the infamous floor-drobe syndrome? Don’t settle for less – think luxury bedding,  Get the bedroom right, and your comfort at home will noticeably improve, even on a budget.

Get Comfy

Lets start with the biggest and best bit – the bed itself! If you’re like me – don’t want to leave it and can’t wait to see it – you’ll know how important it is to have a comfortable bed to sleep in. So why would you settle for a hard mattress, a floppy pillow or a dusty old sheet?

It’s time to roll up those spending sleeves. Throw out the stiff stuff you were stuck with and treat yourself to something softer, even if it means having to maneuver a brand new mattress through so many doors! Don’t forget to bag yourself some gorgeous bedding to complete the package – one of the most satisfying aspects of refitting your bedroom is bringing out your inner artist to choose the perfect combination of colours, and the bedspread is as much key to this as the wall decor.

Sort It Out

This may seem like an obvious call, but take one look at your bedroom – how much stuff is just lying about, sitting where it shouldn’t be? You’d be surprised how many everyday bits and bobs you leave on your bedside table, for instance.

Decluttering has proven to have positive effects on the mind, and your bedroom – the first and last room of the day – is no exception. Give the place a once-over; you’ll feel better afterwards!

Let There Be Light

A focus on perfecting the light in a room designed for sleeping may seem like an oxymoron, but there’s always a use for eye-openers, so to speak. Improved and purpose-bought lighting can create a sense of warmth and cosiness a coat of paint could never do.

Lamps can make your before-bed reading a truly relaxing experience, whilst a good set of curtains will turn the typically-blinding morning light into a soothing awakening. Curtains are especially good in this regard, as they also serve as a gorgeous bit of decorum and a bit of much-needed privacy in the evening. Window blinds might be the ‘in-thing’, but a noisy dust-magnet might not be the direction you want to go in.

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