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Breaking Famous Beauty Myths: Part Deux

by luxirare
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A little while back we debunked five of the biggest famous beauty myths that women continuously fall for. Needless to say, there are plenty more myths out there that are continuing to derail our efforts to achieve hair, skin and body perfection. Don’t get fooled by myths and misinformation. Get the real scoop in our second instalment of debunking famous beauty myths.

Acrylic Nails Always Look Fake

At one point, people said that all wood laminate floors looked fake, but now it’s one of the most popular flooring options in new homes. Technology has a way of making some products better and better over time and acrylic nails are one of them.

In the past acrylic nails that were applied at home fit poorly, were thin and looked more like plastic than an actual nail. Those problems are a thing of the past. You can now find nude acrylic nails in a variety of shapes and sizes for a natural fit. The finish has also been improved to the point that acrylic nails now look better than the real thing – just as long as you keep them maintained.

A Waist Trainer Will Give You Shapely Midsection

After the Kardashian clan started promoting waist trainers as a way to slim and contour their midsections, women around the world started following suit. But can a modern day girdle really replace a healthy diet, genetics and countless crunches? The short answer is no.

At first a waist trainer may seem to be working if you suffer through wearing it constantly and don’t mind battling bulges. Many beauty reviewers from the likes of Elle and Cosmopolitan magazine have tried waist trainers and offer a warning. Over time wearing a waist trainer will melt your ab muscles to mush. The problem is ab muscles are not activated when you’re wearing a waist trainer. Eventually you’ll lose all muscle tone and your midsection will become flabby rather than tight and sexy.

Your Brows Should Match Your Hair Color

Some women believe that mismatched eyebrows and hair color is a dead giveaway for a dye job, but that’s far from the truth. Eyebrows rarely match hair color even if you’re au natural. Experts note that your eyebrows can be up to three shades lighter or darker than the hair on your head and still look just fine.

You Should Never Use Products With Oil on Oily Skin

This famous myth seems to make sense on the surface. More oil would make oily skin worse, right? Not exactly. There are two reasons oil-based skin products aren’t an immediate no-no. For starters, oily skin still needs to be moisturized and many natural moisturizers contain plant-based oils. Applying products that contain oil can also prevent the skin from producing an abundance of natural oils. Products that strip the skin of oil can actually have the opposite effect.

Cutting Your Hair Will Make It Grow Faster and Fuller

If growing longer, fuller locks only required frequent haircuts the extensions industry would go out of business. Some hairstylists like to perpetuate the famous myth that cutting hair can make it grow faster since they’ll get extra appointments on the books. But don’t let the myth override logic.

Cutting hair will make it shorter – end of story. Your follicles won’t react to a cut by growing strands at a faster pace. If you think your hair growing faster after a cut it’s nothing more than an optical illusion. Since it’s shorter you’ll notice the new growth more easily, and once the thinned ends are removed your hair will look thicker. Legitimate hairstylists will tell you that hair care matters much more than hair cuts when you’re trying to add length.

Always Wash Your Face in the Morning

So many people fall for this common face washing myth. Every day without fail they wash their face right after waking up. But why? Simply because they think they’re supposed to do so. Skimping the morning face wash is perfectly fine for most people. If you have dry skin, constant washing might actually make matters worse. Instead, skin specialists recommend swiping on a gentle toner before slathering on moisturizer and sunscreen.

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