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Bloodless Mary

by luxirare
Bloodless Mary

Bloodless Mary – a modern twist on a classic cocktail, the Bloody Mary.

You will have to start out by quartering a lot of tomatoes.

First the tomatoes and flavors have to be boiled for about 30 minutes to an hour. This broth is flavored with fennel, onion, bay leaf, basil, salt and pepper. Not putting my hand in my pocket to be cool, my remote for the camera is in there.

The tomatoes were pureed before they were boiled, and afterwards I pressed this saucy mixture into a fine gauge sieve to get all the gunk out. I’m trying to separate the liquid from the all the solids. The spoon is in my pocket so I can press down this gunk until it yields all of the liquid from the stew. The solids in the sieve should be discarded into a separate bowl.  Can you guess what I’m doing here? Yes, I’m making a tomato consomme. A very labour intensive recipe that yields mind blowing flavor. The consomme is what makes this bloody Bloodless Mary.

I actually made a lot more than this but I’m only showing about 1/8 of this liquid here.

Okay, now crack a lot of egg whites and whisk. Don’t throw away the yolks, you can make fresh mayonnaise.

When the mixture starts to boil, pour in the egg whites and stir. Wait until it comes to a boil again.

Once this liquid starts to boil, the egg whites will form a raft and collect all the impurities from that tomato stew I strained through the sieve. You can already see this clear broth on the bottom of the pot.

When this is done properly, you will get a crystal clear liquid. This broth is indescribably delicious and the result of a lot of hard work, basically it’s the pure essence of the tomato but you have a hard time connecting this flavor to a fresh tomato. The best things are simple, intense, clever and direct. This is served as a first course at many Michelin rated restaurants, they usually only give a small cup because after all the purifying is done you only have a little bit of this broth. Again I can’t stress enough how precious this broth is, and you will appreciate the flavor more if you made it yourself.

If there are still small egg white pieces floating around the broth you’ll want to filter this out.

Here is an example of a failed consomme and the correct consomme. To the left you see particles gathering of the bottom of the bowl, at the same time this bowl is still kind of hazy. To the right you see a crystal clear liquid. This is one of those things that seem so simple but is actually difficult to make and it needs to be perfect to the end, you can’t cheat or just leave it when something goes wrong.

I think I went through at least 5 cartons of egg whites and 70-80 tomatoes and in the end all you get is this.

These tomatoes were frozen and will be used to keep this bloodless mary cool. You do NOT want to use ice cubes because it will dilute the intense flavor of the precious consomme. Don’t add anything like hot sauce, it will ruin the delicate flavor of this bloodless mary.

Also slice and freeze lemons, and prepare some herb broom sticks.

The classic way would be to serve it in a martini cup.

Gently dunk the herbs into the chilled consomme. Pull it out.

The vodka and consomme go very well together, even with a lot of vodka, the consomme will overpower it. I love this drink but I don’t have the time to make it as often as I’d like.

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