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The Blind Date: to Do or Not to Do?

by luxirare
Blind Date

There are too many lonely people in the world. They are lonely for different reasons. Someone is too insecure, someone has spent time on education and career, and now is not able to build a personal life, and someone just does not meet his soulmate. Moreover, for someone it is very difficult to get acquainted with new people. They might have no place to go or they are afraid to start the conversation first, or something else. For such people, a blind date can be a great chance to solve problems with personal life. Alternatively, maybe it is not.

Although, it is worth mentioning. For some people, a blind date is not a great event and almost the only chance to find a soulmate. Some people regard such experiments simply as an entertainment and a pleasant pastime. Usually, such people are sociable, outgoing and do not need any pieces of advice.

Another thing is those for whom such a date is a chance to get rid of loneliness. Dating a Ukrainian girl, you will never be lonely anymore!

You can use the Internet.

Most often blind dates are appointed on the Internet. The debate about whether the relationship, started in the virtual network, has a future will continue for a long time. Although the fact remains that if you carry out a survey among young people and ask where they have met their partners, most of them will tell you that on the Internet. Actually, it is not so important, how the date was appointed whether through the Internet or with a help of mutual acquaintances. Although, the second variant is still more reliable.

You should proceed with caution.

Remember: do not agree for dates, appointed by a stranger via the Internet or messages in deserted places. Meeting with a person you do not know at all at night in the park is not a good idea. It would be much better to meet him at a cafe, a shopping center, in a cinema, where there are many people. So at least you will protect yourself from inadequate personalities.

If your friends arrange the meeting, then you shouldn’t be worried about it but you should make sure that your friends really know this person well. Read more about dating on Casanova Style.

You should follow the rules.

As a rule, people, who are going to visit such a date, have two main fears: “if he/she will not like me?” and “if I will not like her/him?”

If you still decided to go on a blind date, then follow a few simple rules that will help you not be disappointed and have a good time. First, do not pin too high hopes on this meeting. Man’s imagination is too violent and irresistible. You might have already imagined a picture of your perfect relations, three children, and two dogs.

You should try to detach yourself. You go just to meet a person in order to learn him better and, possibly, to continue communication in the future and nothing else. Adjust yourself to this, and then you will not be so scared. Do not be afraid not to like him/her. Of course, this does not mean that you should go on a date with dirty hair and a crumpled T-shirt. At least you should show respect to the person who will come to meet you.

You should try to relax.

Do not be afraid of the fact that you will not like the person. This meeting does not oblige you to anything. You will have the opportunity to talk with an interesting partner. Moreover, if he/she turns out to be uninteresting, no one makes you see him/her again.

After all, this is a great way to get rid of social phobia. If you are afraid to get acquainted with new people, if you have some problems with communication, then it will be doubly healthy if you can overcome yourself and face your own fear.

Well, if worry and doubt take over you, then you should safely get out of the blind date, this kind of communication is not for you. Everything you do, you should do with pleasure. And our friends from Marry Brides know how to make dating pleasurable!

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